Back to school…

Second week of school and we’re already doing many things, the new program is okay but it has no facilitators, and that makes it less interesting than the Dynamic Learning Program, I actually like writing LAS’ than doing many assignments and homeworks at home.

I liked the Dynamic Learning Program more because there are facilitators and we have free time if we finish early. And we don’t always get assignments and homeworks on the Dynamic Learning Program. It’s pretty much easier than this year’s new program. This week, I’m so disappointed with myself because I didn’t do the performance task that ma’am Angelica told us to do, I lost track and I always fall asleep, I’m so disappointed because I let down my partner and it was my fault that we didn’t have a performance task, although, we weren’t the only ones.

Then we had the APSA test, which was very frustrating because I couldn’t finish it in the time limit, I had to guess some of the answers, I think “most” is more appropriate than the word “guess”. I hope that I will get another 99+% again, like the previous APSA test. I think we haven’t been taught the answers of some of the questions in the test, I have to think and answer faster though.

Then basketball varsity tryouts came, it was supposed to be yesterday, but it turned out today, we didn’t know why. Then the next day me and my friends tried out for basketball varsity, when it was my trun, I was running through the challenge and my shoelaces got untied, good thing I didn’t trip, I made the shot 1/1 but we still don’t know the official result yet. If we didn’t make it in, never give up try again next time. So, that’s it, that’s how my week turned out. Although I did have problems, and I still do, but I’ll make it through.

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