To My Daughter, on her graduation with a BA in Psychology

I am very glad that you have graduated with your bachelors degree in psychology. You may remember that I advised you against going to college for that; I told you you could learn it all for free and practice for free, out in the world. There is no shortage of people in need of help. You had said you liked the school, and the classes and studies and discipline, etc. Truly following your heart and being happy that you are there is a valid reason for being on a path. But all the suffering you went through during your studies was unnecessary. You will remember that I witnessed it, and was with you on some of those occasions. That has to do with the unnecessary and unhelpful, yet institutionally intrinsic element of competition, itself one of the greatest of mental illnesses in the world, and also one of the least recognized.

Money of course is also an illusion, and among the worst. It is the primary reason most people are where they are, doing what they are doing, and they don’t have any realization of that fact. I am sure you helped many people during your school years. But I wonder if you might have been helping more, if you had been out in the world with that intentionality, and not cramming programmed psychology “teachings” on a schedule designed to stress you, and regrouping / recovering in parties and bars with people in similar situations, when not focused on psychology. Perhaps setting a different example would have helped those ‘party people’ more; I’m not saying you were there to party, but many people are, and to bide their time to get the “credential” they need to assure the money they “need” to live. Either way, I know you were sincere and following your heart, and that is the main thing, and the $10,000 or $ 20,000 a year was no big deal for the daughter and granddaughter of millionaires. But the situation would have probably looked different to a girl from more common circumstances, who would perhaps put herself deep into debt for the balance of her life, to follow that same path. So many poor kids are foolishly ushered into this trap.. Then they believe the “trap” is real, and that they have to stay and pay off that “debt” so that they don’t lose other “benefits” etc. etc…. Revolution means Revolution!

Now you aim for a doctorate of psychology. But I will tell you something. There are thousands, if not millions of people with the same credentials out there, and I doubt that more than a small percentage of them are poised to do as much as good in this world as you are capable of doing this very minute, and have been capable of all along. You may need, or at least benefit from more education; I feel that I do too. But the idea of paying thousands of dollars (better used to buy a sailboat or build and run an orphanage, homeless shelter, or Temple) to simply get some credentials in order to be allowed (aka licensed, certified, etc.) to do what you can do? Nonsense, and worse than a waste of time, because it sets a bad example. I have told you and everyone that there is a Revolution and that we are tearing down these false institutions! So why pay obeisance to them now? I guarantee you something: all these universities would collapse if they weren’t essential to people’s “careers” which is just a nice way to say that you’re an approved, card-carrying member of the matrix, the robot world, and the Mammonite system of adoration of money. If anyone could hang out a shingle and open a psychology practice, and if either money was eliminated from society completely, or if it existed but you could bill medicare and insurance companies without recourse to all these titles, and degrees, and certificates and licenses, I absolutely can guarantee you that all these “academic” institutions would collapse momentarily.

It is hard to see the water when you are a fish, but I wish you could trust me if you couldn’t see it for yourself, that everything around us is not just a little tarnished, but corrupted to the core by money. Most people don’t even question it. They ACCEPT that they need money, first of all; secondly they accept that they need to “make” money, and then they accept the societal controls and regulations that dictate their path to slavery and oppression. I know far more about the Truth of psychology and healing than most of the teachers you are going to come across in a corrupt university; I know people will accuse me of being delusional, arrogant and all the rest, for saying that; but for your sake Sky, I will eschew false modesty. Farfar of all people, and you know what I mean (how lost and angry and confused he was at the mental hospital — because he has served the Machine all is life and knows no other way), Farfar who has read almost all the great psychoanalysts and psychologists from Jung and Freud, and Maslow to Peck and so many other modern and popular psychologists and psychiatrists, has repeatedly commented on the perspicacity of my insights, and told me I could be a “spiritual teacher”. And what do you think I told him? I told him, I already am. There aren’t any credentials for what I teach, because I my dear, as you well know, am ordained by Love Itself.

Similarly Yummie has often told me what a great, and natural, teacher I am, and has tried to suggest that I go to school for years to get an education degree so I can “teach” and have a nice little life on a teacher’s salary and summers off for good behavior. ;) And I tell her that I already teach and no thanks for the credentials, money illusions and wastes of my time, and the path to slavery you are trying to send me on.

Read about the Last Days of Socrates, which could as well be the Last Days of Todd. You know he was accused of being a corrupter of the morals of the young, and of teaching falsely, to make the good appear evil and the evil appear good, and he was sentenced to death. He noted in his trial that he never took money for his services, as all the other “teachers” did, and simply asked questions, and answered them also, if asked to do so, and that young people sometimes liked to hear him talk. The man widely considered the wisest and the most famous teacher in the ancient world, Socrates, didn’t work in an institution, or charge money. He didn’t seek after degrees and honors, and offices; he hung out on the street, and was poor, and talked.

The university today is just part of our economic and slavery system, that teaches you compliance, and makes sure that people toe the line.

I implore you Sky! Tell me what you want to accomplish! Tell yourself! Leave out all “practical” issues which corrupt the answer. If the goal is to help people, whether adults or children, you can do that without all the degree and licensure bullshit. You can do exactly the same things they do, and even better, with less constraints if you keep them out of it. You do not need to “make money”. Most people feel that pressure for more than you, such as Joe, and because of the cruelty of our society and world, they feel dread fear that if they don’t trudge the path of slavery that they will go without food, housing, spouse, car respect, etc. And they sometimes do have to go without. But you can simply start now, and have no regard to those fears. Call yourself a nun, or a volunteer, or a Priestess, or a friend of humanity, or a social entrepreneur, or anything and you can do the exact same things you want to do as a “Doctor of Psychology”. The thing you have to understand is that you already ARE a Doctor of Psychology. If you want a ceremony, I can arrange one… and if you want a certificate, I’ll make one for you. I have been involved quite a bit in credentialing… in healthcare, education, etc. etc. in my past work as a consultant, and it gives me a healthy disregard for the reality of it; it is a plaything to manipulate in My hands, and yours too if you will rise to the challenge of throwing off the yoke of the consensus reality.

I implore you! Don’t waste your time, and your nerves, and (illusionary) money of your mother or grandmother that could be put to work immediately helping those who don’t have insurance and medicare and their own jobs and housing and money. You are ready now, and you will never be more ready!

And be honest with yourself. Living in an ivory tower, going out for coffees, and drinks, and enjoying stimulating conversations and activities with students and professors, and having a cool flat in a cool university town… could be very appealing…. But is totally unncessary. And is unlikely to help those lonely little kids being abused. I could tell you some sad stories about young people and women and children that I met in my time in Peru. For example the nice teenage boy who worked in Pichinaki, and I later found out from Veronica that he was beaten and hurt at home. He worked for low, low wages in the cafe, and will probably have a hard, and relatively loveless life. There are the people like Jason and Joe and so many others who are lost, broken and in need of Sanctuary. You could do much more good getting arrested and being in jail, or going crazy and being in a mental hospital, then you could going through graduate school, alternating between tormented studying and writing on the one hand, and carousing and having fun and relieving stress on the other. Then you get out and work as a cog in some “mental health system” to learn how to herd the cows through the chutes to yield profits…. Which is what it is about. And as to the argument that there are good people working in mental health, or that we need more good people; well, yes there are but they are deluded, and ignorant of the fact that they are actually being hindered not helped, in their therapeutic work, by the system, which only provides controls and restraints, and money for the slaves.

To make a Revolution, You have to Be the Revolution! I don’t want to put pressure on you, but I think I maybe ought to pressure you at least half as much as one evening writing a paper at the last minute. Because if you take my advice, you won’t deal with that nonsense again, and you will help far more people, much more rapidly, including yourself, and will learn naturally and rapidly through all necessary modalities, through the natural process of following your own beautiful heart and human imagination, which is the source from which issues the Cosmic Christ, the Pearl of Great Price, which offers the potential of Redemption for this demon-oppressed Realm.

Pick a project, pick a continent, pick a community in need, of psychological assistance from Dr. Sky!

One technique in learning to free yourself from the slave-mentality that has been bred into us, is to switch the words around, with a verb focus. In other words, don’t ask yourself, ‘what do I want to be?’ and answer ‘be a doctor of psychology.’ Instead think of what the end purpose of psychologists is; their purpose is to heal. In our demented world they are often turned into cogs of a robot bureaucracy. As far as I know there aren’t any countries that have banned healing without a license, although it is a serious crime to ‘practice medicine’ without a license in the USA, and probably most other Mammonite colonies. But just change the words and you are all right.

No officer, I am not practicing medicine. I am a spiritual healer. I am a Priestess, I am a Priest, or whatever else your imagination comes up with. And carry on. Make sure that money and social approval and respect and career path and such delusions are absolutely out of your mind. Think of what you want to accomplish and begin to do it. You need no more authorizations, no more endorsements. Begin now; take action! If you want my help you have it. If you chose to ignore all of this advice…. I will sob and cry and gnash my teeth and cut off the little finger on my left hand. And will fully support you 100% in whatever you want to do, as always. Be brave; very few people will support you if you try to follow my suggestions. The world truly does NOT support my view, my Way, or Me.

I wrote this really fast, so I can send it to you today. There is much more I would love to say, but I will have to wait until later, because I want to get this off to you today, when I get downtown.

– — — -

To My Daughter, on her Graduation with a degree in Psychology