Libra Love Reading Nov 2015

For those in a relationship…Oh my lovely lovely Libras, have you been having disturbing dreams lately? Have there been upsetting energies around your home life? I know it might seem like lately your partner is shaking up your life and putting you on guard, but they are only doing this to help you receive a deeper message from your unconscious depths. Your partner loves you deeply, they are not trying to upset you in any way, the key is to see what they seem to be triggering is truly only within you, to see clearly they are only acting out a deeper seated energy within you, a pattern begging to be transformed. Libras, this is the month to really get back to your deepest emotional watery side, it might feel like strange and uncomfortable territory, but there is a great gift waiting to be claimed. So before you go blaming your partner, stop for a moment, look deep within, see how you yourself have been participating in and encouraging the very troubles you are currently experiencing.

The truth is you are ready for a new start in your emotional life, you are ready to put down your defensiveness and be open, vulnerable, receptive. You are ready to give and receive love in richer deeper ways, you are ready to open unconditionally to your sensuality, both in giving and receiving. Your very soul is demanding this change, so begin seeing this, your partner is doing nothing except what your very seat of wisdom has asked of them. And lets be honest Libras, you are ready for such a change in perspective, you are ready to heal this guarded wounded part of your being and to step out into a wider, fuller, richer life. You can sense so much more of life will open to you as you yourself open, both within and in your relationship. You are ready to receive this healing transformative gift, you are ready to ride its healing wave of fortune, abundance, love. You are finally ready to heal a humiliation and wound from the past, it is time to step naked out into life, knowing you have all the emotional support in the world.

For those singles…As always, read the above, for the same themes apply to you. This month Libras, you are ready to step out of the personal orthodoxy (all those should bumping around in your thoughts) you have been subconsciously been carrying for your whole life. If you are ready to be open, vulnerable, exposed, a beautiful radiant life awaits. You can now heal a buried wound, one you did not even realize was limiting your life in all the ways it has. The key is to set down your defenses. First take time to thank all these protective forces, for there was a point when they only wanted to help you, but this moment is past. Now you must live without all the defenses, you do not need to guard and wall-off your heart. You can trust both in yourself, in that place of deepest soul-level wisdom, and the whole of life. You can now move with this wisdom, allowing it to guide and nourish and protect you by its connection to all life, its vulnerability and openness to life. Thank the old patterns so they might be released, transformed into something new. A beautiful full life awaits you Libras.

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