Pisces Love Reading Nov 2015

For those in a relationship…Ok my magical beloved Pisces, you may or may not be aware of it (with you Pisces, it is probably a combination of both!) but you have been making prayers to your soul, asking for help, and now the lightning is going to strike and illuminate your whole life. This is a very good thing. We know how gentle and giving and self-sacrificing you love to be Pisces, but now is the month to really find your voice, to hear and answer that deep inner call and stand up for yourself, taking positive actions to make sure your own needs are being met and nourished. You simply cannot live for others as a way to sustain yourself, not all the time, and especially not now. This is your time to discover what it is you truly desire within your relationships and to express these desires with full confidence and daring. Also, being so open and permeable and willing can only take you so far in your development, it is time to channel your inner will and fire. You have something so unique inside which can only be expressed when both sides of your being become active, integrated and fluidly moving the whole of your life.

And beautiful Pisces, your partner also wants and needs this from you. If you are only ever all too willing to go his or her way a great strain will develop. You will think you are being helpful and easy-going, but to your partner he or she will begin feeling weighted down and burden by always having to initiate and direct the relationship. He or she loves you so much precisely because of all those treasures you have within, let them out, let them guide and nourish the relationship too. Be a leader this month, express your voice and will, discover something new about yourself and your partner, you both will learn something new about this magical sacred love you share.

For those singles…As always, read the above because the themes are similar and apply to you. This is the month you make a stand lovely Pisces, not because you are attacked as much as because you have so much beautiful strength and fire waiting to be accessed and integrated within. You have leadership qualities this world needs to experience too, and for too long these have been held back. But not this month Pisces, not once you have truly found your voice, your place of ultimate confidence, strength and experience of your own ability. Untie the knots that have been holding you back, challenge those inner stories that have kept you bound in a life no longer serving you. If you want love, first show and express you eagerness and readiness for it, show you are willing to pursue Love with your gentle strength and confidence. A great change is coming Pisces, and while at first it might seem intimidating, frightening, you know in your heart of hearts you are ready for it, you are ready because you are the very one who has called it to you. Now go out there and show us all how strong we know you to be, this is your month for powerful transformation, feel empowered, you are doing this.

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