A Week To Remember!

They’re definitely going to miss this train! Still at the hostel, c’mon guys, hurry up! Finally, all aboard? Yo! Trip to Ratlam! What? We aren’t destined to Ratlam, we’ve a long way to Mood Indigo 2014! Anyways trains are cool, Sheldon likes them too.. :P Of course, it’s not that we just sang 90’s tracks, we played UNO but with playing cards. That’s really fascinating! Okay, okay.. without any waffle, Really? You think so? And flashing t’was, our train was late by 4 hours. Fine we can adjust with that. How about PK?? Amazing it was, premier in an unknown town, must try that! And out when we were, our train was late by 8 hrs. It then started getting delayed by leaps and bounds ;) , 10 hrs, 12.. and finally we weren’t sure, if it was going to arrive ever! The journey was getting a twist, worries and tensions surrounded us, but finally we decided to hop into another train. We definitely served a lot to TCs in exchange of a hell controversial berths! Every half an hour we were awakened, a Parsi and a Punjabi aunty quarreled, students beside our berths were embezzled. Ultimately IIT Bombay! Adventure starts here, never-ending queue and no idea about accommodation! 21 girls and 1 room, are you kidding me? We’ll adjust in the lobby. Frankies and frankies, the most palatable thing we had, and time for shopping! Me, Shivangi, Pratibha and Rini left for Kanjurmarg(I know, I wrote 100 times to memorize it :P) to fetch a local to CST. The first local was enough to terrify us. But we struggled hard to get into the next. 4 of us started out, only 3 reached, yeah, Rini missed it! So when 3 of us were merry making (shopping :P), my dearest friends were fighting for green cards. Of course we are winners! While on the way back, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal mesmerized us! It was the most beautiful edifice I had ever seen in my life! It was spell bounding ❤ Nap time! Night night in the corridors. Wait do you even have a mattress? Go get it!

Official day 1 of MoodI, but how bout Mumbai Darshan? Marine Drive it is! Ohh, again locals, but I’m experienced enough! Wiping off my forehead, “I survived!” All of it just vanished as we saw the mighty sun gazing at the magnificent sea. Babbling we strolled to Gateway Of India! Meanwhile, we came across some masterpieces of British architecture and The Jehangir Art Gallery. Though we aren’t some of those aesthetic personalities, but we were enchanted by the sculptures and artifacts from Chola and Gupta Dynasties. Snapping a 100 shots at Gateway Of India, we were heading back and bam! we were at Kolaba! Have no idea how we reached there, but it was a bonanza for us ladies and a menace for poor guys. However, the hit of the day was all credited to our journey back via local train where we found a pair of pants lying on the floor with a cellphone continuously vibrating, enough to make our bloods run cold! Thanks Almighty Lord! Anyways, the clock was about to tick 12, ‘maahaul to ab shuru hua tha yaar’! Guitarists and singers everywhere scintillated the lamps, fired up the camps! The night donned the charismatic ambience with the jingles of friendship, love and joy! Amazing ‘bakar’ added up the spice to our melodies; one could just not afford some sleep at the cost of this escapade. However, to revitalize for the next day ventures, we went to bed around 4.

Here comes the day 2, but Mumbai is a big city, and one just cannot miss out the beaches! Took a bus and headed to Bandstand, Bandra. The best thing about the bus ride was a sound nap we had for an hour or two; but the side effects were missing out the destination :P We started strolling again and hurray! Girls it’s linking road, shopping arena again! Anyhow, we reached the stinking beauty! Place was awesome but malodorous. Saw the very famous residences of Salman Khan (Yes, it was his birthday!) and clicked pictures with ‘Mannat — The NamePlate’. Finally with the sundown we were at Juhu. Pleasant tides and the darkness distracted us from the grubbiness of the place(Don’t want to mock about it, but Humph! it’s true). However, the ebb and flow washed away all anxieties and triggered gratification. Back we were to our campus, and with the nightfall, the magic began. Classic advertisements of Nerolac and Nirma went more snazzy on the chords of Guitars. Slumbered around 4 again, oh wait! Did I miss something, of course the freakish moment of the day — a bizarre cow chased Neha!

With the dawn, it was day 3, too much of Mumbai now, so we suited up, not to miss any more events of the fest! Got selfies at Myntra, propped funny with big glasses and crimson colored hair, had 5 cans of Urzzza(tastes horrible :P).

“When the sun comes up in the morning, hello bitches (*beaches), waves are falling over you!”

Yes, The Amsterdams! They rocked the Chhammak Chhallo! Moving further, t’was the time for Quantum Enigma! The evening started out with the finale of LiveWire and the most awaited moment arrived — Failte Epica!! The symphonic metal band expertly blended the diabolical guitars with angelic choruses, evocative synthesizers and mind-boggling drum-work! Me and Shivangi couldn’t just stop banging heads and danced like bacchanalians! Post event we met 2 guys from Oxigen Wallet App, offering us 50 Rs. recharge on installing the app(Yes, we were poor back then :P). One of’em was from Chennai and another was Mumbai-an and we had a hell of a conversation — what a sense a humor man! Anyways, the clock ticked campfire o’clock and you know what it means ;) Hilarious jibber-jabbers, dumb charades and rapid rounds continued till 5. But on the spur of the moment, we started getting fidgety as tomorrow was the day of Vishal -Shekhar Concert and the queue was about to begin at 7 in the morn. And so we left for a nap!

The final day of Mood Indigo 2014 started with a hustle and the struggle to respire amongst the swarm of students queued infinitely to collect passes for the evening concert! It felt like winning a World Cup when we got the tickets after grappling for 4 hours. But you know, Vishal Shekhar is just worth it! Thereafter we got busy enjoying various activities going on in the campus and ultimately t’was the time! Nothing can ever beat the Bollywood hits and with the coolest voices, we just Rock and Rolled! Also, as another cool gang joined us, it turned into ‘the more, the merrier’. Just can’t express the degree of insaneness with which we danced, had never felt so lively before! The two songsters left us electrified and we caroled thereafter! Whoa, how can I forget to mention the crankiest moment of the day! Okayz, so me and Neha were wandering and a guy shows up and asks us the tips to kiss a girl on the very first glance, and then in other half of his dare he asked one us to kiss him, poor guy :P Anyways, since it was our last night out, we made it our best!

The end of our journey had come, a few were packing, a few had packed but no one wanted to leave, we sighed and left with our last clicks. But again, no day goes without a bizarre moment and this day again we profited Railways a lot! 5 of us had got 10 tickets from different stations to different destinations, however, we decided to take a stop at Ratlam(Yes, we love the city now!). With ‘khopde ki chatni’ and Aman’s favourite kulfiwala, we reached Ratlam the next morning!

The last day of the year, and we were heading home. We weren’t alone since each of us had a hell lot of memories, so many that I’ve got out of words! It was the ‘crème de la crème’ moment of my entire life.

P.S. : Day 3 did have a weirdo moment which is not so weird as I fell in love with the anchor of the event Epica. And what is weird, is that I still have no idea who that was and I am still in ❤ with him :P

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