Episode 4 of Love is Blind (2015), “The Shake”

Somebody tried to kill Mercy! He and Adolf were just chilling getting a bite to eat, and all of a sudden the masked assassin busted into the restaurant. Adolf is a good bodyguard, probably the best, being that the killer got really close the two of them. The big guy actually had his back towards the door when the shooter busted in, but when the killer screamed “Mercy!” before pulling the gun out, that was what gave Adolf the opportunity to react. Now, he and Mercy are making stops around the area trying to see who sent this killer. When you see the episode, the potential killers’ demographic will astound you.

Okay, I know that you guys wanna know what’s going on with G Money! You know, G Money, the guy who is always trying to sell electronics, phones, or whatever he can to get that cash! Last episode he got the guy on the sidewalk to buy the DVD player, and we were wondering whether or not it functioned correctly. Well, I’ll put it like this, G Money gets a call while he and his best friend Robert (the high school kid who is in love with the Pakistani girl Fatimah) are sitting at the table politicking about the fact that her parents are trying to make her be the wife in an arranged marriage, to an older guy that she doesn’t even know. G Money didn’t even believe that those types of arrangements still existed, and honestly neither did I as I viewed this episode of Love is Blind.

I love this new You Tube series because of moments like this, where the viewers get knowledge about real life situations (such as arranged marriages) that really do still happen today. And, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as Haitian water either. Robert told G Money that was what it was called when his electronic-selling friend said that it tasted good. Oh, and by the way, if you want to see what the guy who got the DVD player told him, you just have to watch the episode! G Money gave his buddy Robert some good advice about his relationship, too, saying that maybe Fatimah should speak up to her parents and say that she is focused on school right now, not getting married.

The way the events in this episode of Love is Blind (2015) happen are parallel, being that earlier in the show Fatimah is getting some advice from a friend of hers as well named Tomeka. Tomeka actually told her the same thing basically, that she should confront her parents about this marriage that she is not ready for. Fatimah’s mom actually was on the phone with her mom (Fatimah’s grandma) who is still overseas, and told the older lady that she was stressed because Fatimah was wearing American clothes, etc. She even said that she was thinking about sending the young girl to stay with her grandma. But, seeing as how the conversation between mom and grandma went sort of sour, that doesn’t seem like it will happen. Episode 4 of this amazing series Love is Blind (2015) can be seen here at this link. Enjoy!