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How I Made Crypto Coin into Real Coins, and you Can Too!

Leah Talley Nodes
Nov 3 · 2 min read

About two months ago I began mining a crypto currency using an app on my mobile device. The app is free for iPhone and android devices (just click the link at the end of this article). In two months I have created enough cryptocurrency to obtain real US dollars in a crypto wallet as well as a collectible token shown on the first page.

If you are capable enough to install an application on your cell phone or bluetooth enabled device then you too can earn cyber or crypto currency and turn it into collectible real life items without having to convert your coins into any other type of crypto currency on the market, if that is what you would like to do.

I personally would rather have something I can hold onto than something that exists only in what is known as the “ether”. I’m not saying that cyber currency is untrustworthy or nefarious in any way, I just like to be able to touch my valuables and have access to them anytime I want to take them out and show my friends and family.

I’m not old fashioned and I love technology but I feel that I have made the best choice for myself when I opted to trade my cyber coins for tangible items.

For one thing the collectible coin is a limited edition which will be redesigned in future iterations, for another thing as of this writing it has a much higher value than the cost of the cyber currency does on the cyber currency market but that could change at any moment.

Click on the link to see for yourself.

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