Day 9 — Kabelvåg!

Odd Arne Sandberg took us for a boat ride with a traditional boat from the Nordland region.

On Monday we made it to Kabelvåg, a village which traditionally has been an important fishing center, and where the Lofoten Cathedral is located.

We talked with Odd Arne Sandberg, which is working as a teacher in Kabelvåg. Odd Arne has followed the oil debate in Norway ever since it was talk about drilling for oil further north than the North Sea.

Odd Arne Sandberg

Then we met with Gaute Wahl, which has been active in the discussion about oil drilling in these areas for more than 10 years. Gaute also worked as an adviser in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries where he led a project that focused on the future possibilities within sustainable industries in the region.

Gaute Wahl