Insecure Season 2 Finale and A Lesson on Doing Whatever the F*ck You Want to Do

Okay so by now you’ve had more than enough time after a show airs to catch up. So spoiler alert my ass. The season finale of Insecure aired on Sunday and black millenials and those interested in black millennial adventures tuned in to see how the second season of Issa Rae’s super successful series would end. And if I may say so myself, it ended like how no one expected but was an opportunity to let go of expectations, for both the characters and the audience.

Season finales are usually a time where characters learn lessons and overcome conflicts but in reality sometimes those conflicts don’t get resolved and the end of a season is just one of growth or change. Season finales also leave cliff-hanging moments of excitement rather than “Really bitch, Daniel, still?”

How amazing would it have been if Issa and Lawrence got back together, overcame all of the bullshit and moved on to build on the vision of their future together? But instead we see Issa imagine a life and future with Lawrence walk out the door and end up on the couch of her ex boyfriend, whom she has messy drama with. Making decisions is not about what’s right or wrong, it’s about choosing what you want to do at the moment and being okay with that decision. Regardless, if it’s not the best choice, choosing to do what you want makes all the difference. Issa chose to stay with Daniel, she had a place with her brother, but lets be honest he would have made a horrible roommate ain’t nobody got time for that! Atleast, with Daniel she can get some occasional dick and studio time. We have to acknowledge that there’s a comfort that Daniel brings to Issa, it’s the reason she cheated on Lawrence in the first place. And with everything falling apart around her: not being in a good place at her job, white people moving into her neighborhood raising her rent, watching her friends grow and make moves while she feels stuck, sometimes you just want familiarity, even if that familiar nigga is one who wants to do a cum shot facial without your permission.

Side note :I still think Issa over reacted at that moment, but if he did do that shit on purpose it was fucked up. If he wanted to be kinky it should have been a conversation.

Although Issa has hit rock bottom her development as a character and her emotional intelligence has been beautiful to watch. I enjoy scenes of Black rage especially Black female rage as a moment of catharsis and release. A different Issa has emerged from season 1, who couldn’t tell Lawrence how she was feeling. Her singleness and hoe phase has allowed her to explore her feelings and to mature in a way where she was able to have a mature conversation and confront closure.

Sidenote: Can we agree that there were moments when Issa was hoeing all wrong? Everybody knows you get the dinner then the dick. Ladies, don’t be out here hoeing on an empty stomach!

As for Molly, I appreciate her evolution. I enjoyed her letting go of expectations and experiencing life and “living in the could instead of the should”. I think Molly’s relationship with Dro allows Molly to get out of her comfort zone and to experience love and a relationship outside of the norm of typical monogamy. I was excited to see Dro at the door but I could also hear the teeth sucking from around the world because many wanted Molly to move on and find her one and only. We want Molly to be the strong, disciplined black woman we’ve known and strive to be, who uses her head over her heart, who is aware of destructive behaviors and takes the high road. Well Molly didn’t choose the high road this time! Sometimes you just want to look sexy for and fuck the shit out of someone who you enjoy spending time with. AND THAT’S OKAY! Some root for Molly to find her happily ever after and end up with a man whose hers and only hers, but I root for her happiness in the present moment. I don’t see this as a bad decision, I saw this as an opportunity for Molly to choose happiness over rationality, to enjoy being loved by someone who sees her power, flaws and growth.

And as sister SZA asks us in the song Quicksand during the episode “What’s the difference if its still good just not yours exclusively?” Keep enjoying that Dro dick girl!

Sidenote: I still would appreciate a confirmation from Dro’s wife Candice, that this arrangement is really okay because you know- niggas be lying.

And for Lawrence, king of the #lawrencehive and advocate for hurt men who haven’t healed from their 7th grade girlfriend breaking their hearts, now has a chance to be alone. I think Aparna leaving out the car was the best thing to happen to Lawrence. This is a time for Lawrence to finally be single, to learn about himself and to enjoy his own bachelor apartment. Most importantly this is a time to heal, and he has a lot of healing to do. In a society that tells men not to feel, to overcome hurt is by getting under someone to get over someone, Lawrence now has time to take a pause. Men, stop thinking that putting your penis in something is going to make you feel less pain. Black men, it is okay to take the time to heal from past trauma and hurt. Many men don’t know what it’s like to live outside the context of women. They go from living with their mother, then from girlfriend to girlfriend-carrying baggage from one girl to the next with no time to process. Be single! Learn to love yourself. I look forward to Lawrence discovering who he is and growing into the man he wants to become.

In the world we are currently living in and the uncertainty of the future, it is time to start living in the NOW. There are many things we have no choice in, but we do have our choices and agency in the moments we live. Do what you want to do. Life has no specific course of action and the course you think you’re on can take a detour at any moment.

As Mother Nature is busy reclaiming her time and has redirected the life paths of millions of people, we are reminded that we as humans are simply guests in this universe. One day you’re living your life and the next a Category 5 hurricane rips through your city and destroys all the earthly possessions you have acquired.

On other days you’re living out the “American Dream” your parents sacrificed for in a land that sees you as a threat and your president decides to take away your protections and send you back to a country you know nothing about. #defendDACA

The unpredictability of the future is so stifling. So for now, live your life and be your best selves and by best selves I mean living in your truth, wants and needs. Stop denying yourself the pleasure and happiness and take hold of this lifetime. Stop living in fantasy and the future but in the reality and present. All of these characters know what they should be doing, we all know what we ourselves should be doing and sometimes we may choose “wrong” but that choice can open a whole other world of possibilities. Choices are just moments of transitions.

Embrace the messy and enjoy the ride.