How Comfortable Are You Showing Your Face Online?

All of us are aware that brand recognition is very important; a company logo, brand, slogan, jingle, and whatnot — one that separates from the other. These alone are not actually enough to build trust in your company. What entrepreneurs need to keep in mind is that, huminising a brand is all about the person.

Super marketers, McNally and Speak explains “your brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody… and boils down to the experience of having a relationship or connection with a person”. Meaning, having yourself as the face of your company lets customers relate and build connections with you, not an annmoyous AI behind a computer screen.

The truth is huminising your online brand also means you can start building relationships for potential clients on and offline. For example, exposure at events is one of the best ways to boost your business. The reason? Because everyone can see your face.

Being a figure the represents the company means people can recommend you and you can influence buyers on a personal level. Yes, other big brands out there may be making their presence felt with large logos, but they also all have a face behind their making. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, any of those names ring a bell? There’s nothing scary about it. What makes personal branding different is you are showcasing confidence and trust as a whole package.

We keep hearing, there’s no need to have my face shown on my website. Majority of entrepreneurs don’t really consider the value of public exposure. Especially if your product or service already speaks and delivers success for its own. Some worry about judgements or other people’s first impression, some are not confident or are shy about the idea of getting the exposure, some also prefer not to because they are just protecting themselves against future embarrassments, and for some they just don’t like the idea of being famous but they like the idea of making their product and services famous.

It’s hard in today’s era when everyone is driving to be the most popular, you need to get out there and make a splash. Gone are the days of low tech applications, authenticity and security is a must in todays market. You being genuine is your way to win peoples trust and keep customers. By that you will need to connect on a real personal level.

Don’t just listen and keep your head down low, let’s think about it. You are able talk the talk, look the part and do what is expected. Improving on strategies and development to grow faster, making real connection with clients, and control cashflows. It’s an impressive list of task for anyone to take on, so why not be proud of it and let people see the personality behind it all?

So how about face value you ask? I’ve heard friends say, that you need to be physically attractive in order to catch the eye and attention of people very quickly. I don’t think so, it doesn’t mean being an eye candy will always give you positive outcomes. Yes, it’s a plus factor if you’re smiling in your photo and not in a dark room. What really matter is the ability to go that extra in a field of ordinaries. Not look at opportunities in a bad light but to take advantage of them.

Gaining the trust of your consumers or clients is your main target. Because if you don’t then how will your sales fly? We see it working with star-ups time and time again, marketing yourself is intimidating and pressuring at first. It doesn’t consciously go naturally to some people. You need to practice, learn, and teach yourself it’s ok in order for you to come across genuine. I firmly believe that as time goes by it will soon change.

As a consumer and business owner myself. I noticed the need of using this strategy. From a consumer’s perspective they want you, not just your product. When they search for products, they’re looking for credibility. In order to have credibility people read through comments and reviews. We get drawn by advertisement and famous endorsers, but other than that we also rush down and see who made the product and where it’s from. On the other hand, to an owner’s perspective they want more people to know about what they offer. Recognition is key and of course the most important of all, to retain and increase potential clients. It goes hand in hand!

Even if you want your business to be known for its name or earning gazillions, you still need to build a personal brand which will drive your business. Remember without trust and loyal customers you won’t have a successful business. Show your face! Be beam of light and the crowd will eventually follow.If you can smile, then why not show it off on your website.