How our music evolved through the use of technology.

As human society evolved, so did our music. Even before all this, music has always been and will always be a great part of our human culture. So How our music evolved through the use of technology?

Since the rise of the digital era, audio technology was innovated in every possible way. The production of tune with the aid of technological advancement has faced an evolutionary leap in the world of music.

Music evolution

During the old days, we only hear music through live performance — which meant we need to be physically present in order to hear our favourite artist play. We really did not have any means to have record of songs. Then when digital era took place, accessibility to our mix tape was made faster, light weight, and easier. Online services came into the picture i.e. radio stations, downloadable music files, iTunes playlist, and whatnot. It has allowed us access everywhere at any possible time.

Well in fact, Matan Berkowitz an award-winning music technologist made an invention making music accessible for people with special needs. The power is now on our hands. With just one tap of a finger, we can now play our favorite music with our favorite artist on the go.

Auto tuner

From the production of hums to the actual manipulation of sounds. The combination of music and cutting-edge technology has made a huge change in the development of sound and vocals. It made sound more appealing, overwhelming, extraordinary, upbeat, and accurate. Through the use of complex coding and manipulation. Organic sound can now be mechanized. Frustrated singers are now able to manipulate their vocal recordings and make themselves sound better. Awesome right? Now everyone has a chance to showcase their talents. Opportunities are not limited anymore; it has been possible through the integration of audio technology.


It has also changed the way of how artists compose their song with the use of different instrumental mediums. Many artists are now integrating technology as part of their musical performance. In fact, in today’s time, Dubstep, Trap, and EDM are now part of music genres. Every new invention has given any artist that freedom to experiment different type of feel, different type of style, and different type of approach on musical creation.

It’s very surprising that this crazy and complex machinery of sound manipulation would be our newest form of eargasm. For an instance, here we have “Closer” by the Chainsmoker to show us what the combination of music and technology is.

Although, there have been drastic changes in our traditional way of composing and reproducing music; its attributes will still remain meaningful and unique. Some may love the idea, some may not. But to my honest opinion, no matter what genre we like to listen. Technology has played a big part to make it available for us to experience. In the realm of society, it will always stay as our universal language in escaping the ruins of this world; serves as our distresser, tension breaker, entertainment, or even our siren.

Music is life, so enjoy whatever music brings your way!