Kill sluggishness with the medicine called the “Limitless Pill”

It is not totally true when people state that movies are actually the real life scenario of the same or similar story or instance. Thus when a popular movie showcased the purpose of a medicine called the Limitless Pill and it was not lie but completely a fact. Though there can be certain scenes that can exaggerate the power of such products, it is mostly based on the functions of tablets or powder that belong to the Nootropic branch of medicine.

What is nootropics?

This is a branch of medicine that is after careful research and analysis in their production stage, help a person in better functioning of their brain related activities. There are several kinds of medicines that can be found under these types of medicines that can be used for various purposes. For example, if one is used for alertness in a person, the other can help in boosting the memory power while a different other type can be used for increasing the thought process and reflexes in a person along with an increase in their thinking analysis. Thus, on a broader scale, these can be used for tapping any particular effect of the human brain. But a limitless pill is something that could cause all these positive effects on the human from one single pill. But to be frank, no such medicine has actually been found till date as it could give people some unfair advantage over the others in various occasions. These are mostly used by the people who are down with a particular issue that could affect their brain for which people can be administered with such medicines. If a person wishes to get similar effects as that of a limitless pill in them, then they have to actually combine two or more nootropic drugs, where each one has a different purpose to be consumed. But people should be careful when they take more than one such drug as it can cause adverse effects. Doctors and neurologists suggest that when people consume these medicines beyond the prescribed level or more than a single type together, they can result in more harm than good. While some basic effects to show that the medicine is not supported by their body could include mild to severe headaches, nausea and drowsiness, major effects could be unconsciousness to even heart burns or stroke.

Best real life drug

Though various drugs are available under the branch, the best real life drug that could actually be compared to the limitless drug for similar performances in the user would be Modafinil. This can be used on people who suffer from sleep disorders to get the desired effect. Thus, it can help people suffering from narcolepsy wherein they can sleep in any place and at any time due to a sudden extreme change in the mood such as extreme happiness, shock, sorrow, depression, etc. Apart from this, they can also give more alertness and responsiveness to the brain which can help them improve the creative and logical thinking apart from increasing the reasoning skills in them.

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