I am afraid of Half Truths

Speaking the truth is hard, but whats more difficult is to agree to the half truth. It doesn’t matter which side the half truth is from. Even if the half truth is from the one you care the most about or the half truth from the one you don’t really have any affection for.

And it’s hard to decide which role should you take.

Without the entire truth, should you be a moderator of the confrontation or you take side of the one you care about? Things could be dealt with ease if the two sides can calmly speak out their half truth and realize where things went wrong and who was at fault. But from all the history i have read, we humans have always been inherently defensive.

Where some men make their distinction is when they resonate to reason.

But you cannot hear to reason in a chaos, a sharp exchange of blatant half truths. Is there a precursor to such situations? Like a disfigured metal pot which topples when filled beyond a limit. Precursors like situations or incidence where the pot may have fell from a height. Relationship just like the pot are malleable and ductile. If not fatigued, they can be reshaped into the perfectly round pot with a calm and gentle hammer. And when the pot is back in it’s just shape, it can placed on a height again where it belonged.