10 Ideas a Day — Penitence, Part 2

Here are my 10(ish) ideas for today.

Space Mystery Simulator… emulates ‘Dark Matter’ and other weird things in space such as the Huge Quasar Wall and Great Attractor to increase interest and even as a sort of SETI for kids…

Can simulate what learning and remembering certain things (or any activity) will do to your brain… what neuron signal patterns that will be created…

  • Allows you to ‘store’ actual memories by copying the brain’s electrical patterns

Visualizer that allows one to see different types of magnetic and electrical fields in the atmosphere and off of different objects

Firecrackers that use LASERs or something to shoot fun audio and photon based light shows to allow safer and larger fireworks that can be fired by hand

A sense augmentation device that can first simulate how humans could perceive other senses such as electroreception than grants that ‘power’ through bio augmentations (or ‘faking it’ through digital actuators)…

  • Creates xD movies (3D, 4D, 5D, 10D… etc) that can have the audience feel various environmental aspects

Micro or nano-sized robo neurons that can directly stimulate neurons to communicate digitally… or with other species via direct neuro-electro transfers

Time management system that connects to all your devices and can ‘fence off’ distractions as well as ‘walk’ you through your daily tasks to get things done

Data bot that uses basic NLP to comprehend the exact kind of data you want, and can do all the searching itself to present actual, relevant data for use

Note: I dont try to create any sort of ‘realistic’ ideas… per se… it is best to not worry about how ‘good’ an idea is or how plausible something is…

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