10 Ideas a day — Penitence Part 3

Halfway done with my penitence… oh how insightful ideas are…

An AI visualizer that can crawl through all portions of your life to analyze and show you what avenues of creativity and action you have… how much ‘pull’ you have in … allows you to see exactly how you can help any cause you care about…

Social Root Cause Analysis tool… AI that is meant to answer the question ‘Why?!’…. why police brutality is a thing, and why they can get away with indiscriminately discriminating and killing black folks… why racism is such a problem in the most diverse country in the world… why the middle class is falling… why there is no solution to global warming… why we are still so very violent… why we are where we are… and thus help extricate ourselves from these problems.

  • By tracing all or most causes, it prioritizes which should be given precedence.. or simply presents the data in as unbiased a way as possible, and provides suggestions on how to tackle these problems

Everyday-man’s Impressions calculator — an intuitive, visually engaging tool for allowing the average person to trace their online presence and ‘reach’… can determine which particular piece of a post attracted the most attention. No code, data science, or otherwise complex skills/know-how needed

Music maker mania — can take in ambient noise and visual input to synthesize unique sounds, melodies, etc from nature or your surrounding environment

Kynetic Audio Resonance — can help anyone ‘feel’ the music…

Personal Trainer — analyzes your body, habits, health, personality, access, means, and more to determine the exact type and range of exercise and diet to use in order to get you to and maintain your peak physical (and mental?) condition

Zenyatta — Testing an AI’s ability to grasp, contemplate and/or ‘achieve’ spiritual enlightenment

ActionJack.str — AI/robot/device/whatever is needed to get anyone moving in the direction of their goals. Does all it can (within a pre-set moral scale) to prompt the user into action…

Gadgeteer — AR system that can ‘see’ and analyze items within your eyesight to determine what can be built with them, or at least how to build with them, and gives a walkthrough on how to go about it.

Ideator’s grace — Machine Learning Algorithm and AI assistant that can help determine how ‘plausible’ ideas are in relation to one’s immediate means… can also help figure out how to materialize ideas that seem out of reach, but are not necessarily impossible. (Never determines if anything is impossible)

Note: Ideas often allow one (others and the self) to peer into the mind of the ideator… and are inherently freeform in spirit and ‘use-case’.