Amazon Go Stores… No point in saying the obvious right?…

What we’ve all been waiting and asking for since grocery stores grew checkout lines …

So I will have fun and imagine what this means

This is the type of thing that will allow us to have digitally interactive interfaces… to go to the store from the comfort of your home, or your mobile device, … a more natural and locally communal experience than online stores can do…

This is the type of thing that will allow for 3D printers that create your food/items on-demand… right in the storefront.

This is the type of thing that will allow the fusion of online advantages with physical presence via AR and general IoT magic.

This is the type of thing that will inspire decades of innovation and inventions.

This is the type of thing that will make the magic of tech beautifully apparent.

This is the type of thing that we’ll marvel at today, but our kids will see as bland.

This is the type of thing that we’ll guffaw, and fight, and fear, and accept, and love.

This is the disruption companies rabidly fear, outright if they’re small, but only inside and behind arrogant facades if they’re monolithic.

This is the change we have no idea how to compensate and make room for… ripples we aren’t truly prepared to ride.

This is the opportunity a new era of millionaires will jump on, and kids will learn from and traditionalists will run from… teeth bared…

This is the time where diverging paths show up… and we must decide if we’ll choose the road less traveled, the road we fear traveling, or just make it up as we go and retrofit our choice…

This is the time to make sure all of our technologies play nice together…

  • Spectacles and 360 video stands and drones for remote digital shopping
  • HoloLens and Magic Leap and Meta for virtually-enhanced experiences
  • IoT and Smartphones and Smart Homes for hyper-personalization
  • 3D Printers and smart sensors and deep scanners for on-demand fabrication
  • AR MMOs and ARGs and VR-casting for gamification and IRL video games

And SO very much more…

But alas… we’ll see where it goes… Or not… I personally want to be one of those that get right out in front to guide this….

What do you think of Amazon Go stores? What more does this mean? Or is this just some ‘gimmick’… something doomed to fail?

Interested in hearing your thoughts!! Lets talk! :P