Elijah Claude
Nov 25, 2015 · 13 min read

Yes… I truly believe that I will change the world… will you help?

For as long as I could remember I wanted to fly. In preschool, the only memory I can recall (besides eating applesauce and jello a lot for some reason) is imagining myself as a plane taking off, blasting through the clear blue skies, the fluffy clouds, and lifting off into the night beyond.
When I was in third grade, this yearning for flight coalesced into a life-goal to be the first (or best) inventor of hovercars, ever. To create flying vehicles that roamed through the air without need of gas, or complicated steering, or any craziness… just clean flying through the air.

One of my first ever inspirations…
It always seemed so simple in these types of movies…

I researched and I obsessed.

I told anyone who asked, and many who didn't. I made Lego models, horribly amateurish sketches, wrote about it, and dreamed about it every single day.

I still do.

But for the first 5 years or so I really thought I could do it. I thought I knew my shit. When someone asked how this could be done, I explained in detail. No one could find fault in my logic and plans, they said it would be difficult, they said I’d probably have to deal with people stealing my ideas… or the government would stop it… or the greedy oil businesses/Saudis would send someone to ruin the idea somehow or just kill me… of course there was plenty that said I was simply delusional. That I was being unrealistic even after they could not argue down my plans.

I figured this all meant I was on the right track. But the doubts started sinking in… the ‘logic’ of how naive I was to believe I could really build this thing even though I knew I was not especially talented in math or science; I knew that I had no connections or money to experiment, or even attempt to build this thing. I realized how big this thing really was… and got scared.

But I couldn't give up. I wouldn't. This dream was me. I couldn't even imagine what my life would be like or who I was without this ambition and goal. So I continued researching… this time to figure out all the details…
I procrastinated.

Luckily this type of procrastination was better than doing nothing, and was still pretty important. As I learned more about how difficult the problem was, I had to dissect and disseminate the idea into smaller parts. In some crazy contradiction, my Vision became even larger because of this.

I realized that the world was not ready for hovercars even if I came up with them. From the economics to the infrastructure, politics, manufacturing, societal sociology, and so much more… I realized that this was not a silo-ed problem and could not be solved as such. At the same time, I realized this failure to create something amazing due to scope creep and fear… due to a society that seems to restrict dreamers by default… this failure of our civilization… is really fucked up. And I did not want to live in a world that is so messed up. The reality of my own poverty also set in at that point. The unfairness of the world. It made me mad… and depressed… for my own impotence and failure to achieve greater like all those other great inventors of history.

Perhaps it was the pubescent chemicals screwing with me as well ( I was a late bloomer)… but it all seemed too hard… too big… too bound to fail. The weight of the world seemed… well you know this part… and you didn't come for that (no one ever cares about the teenager plight… sigh)

For all the Teenagers out there…. its alright… keep Dreaming and Growing and Doing… it will work out…

Even during this time, I could not give up. It was the only admirable part about me. If I could not have this ambition… I may as well cease to exist.

So I researched, I studied, I contemplated and I plotted; I observed the world, thought up solutions, debated, failed to do much of anything, then did it all again…

These ambitions carried me through the darkest and lowest points of my life through grade school, and my failure to get into a college, and my realization of how ‘worthless’ my present self was as an entrepreneur or job candidate.
Till one day, I looked out of a ninth story panoramic view of this small city of Atlanta.

The bronze sun dusted the early morning gray with revitalizing hues of pinks and reds and oranges and majesty. The stale, cool AC laden air seemed to warm even through the window. As the morning lifted… so too did the fog of my addled mind. And there I saw it… the full Vision. There in all its glory, still growing and evolving and learning and refining and calcifying all this time; every internal glance felt as if the ideas were changing my brain chemistry with it. Growing me from the inside out into the person I needed to be to get this done.

I peered out that window at the rising sol and imagined:

Arches of tunnels and bridges to discovery.

I saw vehicles as graceful as swans streaking through the cityscape. A panorama of sleek metal and glass reflecting the natural boundlessness of the sky, refracting blossoms of prismatic sunrises. Like Prometheus handing fire to humanity, inspiration from these effluent designs and constructs gleamed from every which way.
An era of knowledge, a yearning for growth, a bastion of positive self-directed evolution overtook humanity and poured intellect out of every facet of civilization; from the inclusive politicos to the collage of citizenry to the espousing of daily ideals debated respectably upon the streets. Crime may have survived… but only just so… the justice system no longer gave hall-passes to criminals, nor tossed them like so much trash in the defunct idea of waste… but prided itself in the ability to rehabilitate even the vilest of villains through the flexibility of virtual reality.

Skyscrapers no longer were built for the sheer pride of being able to penetrate the skies like some brutalist ego, but grown to frame the firmament and cultivate nature itself. Flowering structures blossom throughout the horizon as if flora bloomed from metal and scaffolding naturally.

These massive super cities seemed to move with the wind and pulse with the vibrancy of life. For the first time in human history, our creations reflected the blood of nature and strove to enhance… to nurture entirely new species of bioengineered plants for the cultivation of a richer atmosphere and a healthier culture.

Even the breakneck speed of disruptive innovation and growth of power born from the internet was embodied ever-so-gracefully in the upwards Fibonacci spiral of growth cycles. Even this trend materialized in the design of a little kid’s glydecycle and the adult’s personal fibocopter and the automaton's system supervision.

Open borders around the globe seemed to allow the world to breathe and live like a man who unclogged his blood vessels for the first time in decades. Like a baby taking its first sweet, deep breath catalyzing its respiratory system to send oxygen-rich lifeblood through every limb. Civilization was free to intermingle and ideate together unhindered by stretches of land or water. Even the depths of the oceans were no longer unapproachable.

The ocean floor was being mapped, the depths of the mantle were being discovered, the darkest of caves were being dived and alighted, the edges of space were being explored, the fusing of realities were being programmed, the freedom to create was the new staple.

The Future was a ‘full-stack’ of beauty…of elegance, efflorescence, mellifluousness, grandiosity, sumptuousness….twas…. inspiring.

This was the future I saw.

It was always there… when I looked back at what I thought my goals were as an elementary student, I remembered that in the background of that showy hovercar vista that plagued my every thought, this wider vision was there. Whenever I dreamt of flying vehicles, some ghost image of a futuristic and evolved world merrily haunted it. Twas always there… it simply grew up with me. And it declared itself as my confidence was redefined.

Now I have written down plans for apps that will turn into games that will turn into marketplaces that will turn into industries that turn into revolutions into evolutions into inspirations into magic into empowerment into irrevocable change in the world.

Now I have an even bigger dream, that is still focused and born from just one ambition.

I wanted to invent a hovercar.

It would be powered by water, electricity, or wind.

I realized this hovercar was not so simple. How would it lift? How would the difference in weight affect it? How easy (or hard) would it be to steer?

So I made it simple. It would be made of light materials, it would both be powered and lifted by a fan (that was more like a wind turbine). The fan could be spun by a series of gears and chains… like a bicycle… but all the driver will have to do is push down all the way on the ‘gas’ pedal to unleash a previously filled container of powerfully compressed air… this force would launch the fan into action.

But how it would it brake? How would you control speed? How effective would this really be? What is the margin of error? What materials would be light enough but still strong/durable enough to handle the stress of turbulent air or crashes. What were the safety precautions? Why was this even needed in a world where cars were good enough? Who would actually buy and drive a hovercar? What about safety or rules for flying in the air? If this becomes big, what about all the people that will lose their jobs in the automotive industry and its connected markets? How much would this cost? How would you combat against the super rich oil businesses/countries? How would you get licenses for this. Would it be street legal? Would this even work? How the hell do you build a prototype with no money, no math/science knowledge, no lab, no other resources, no access to those resources, no actual construction ability at all….

These questions and more constantly assaulted me over the years and everyday I thought of it…

So I broke it down.

What is the most effective personal vehicle? Start from scratch… What will it look like (an animal, a geometric shape, a flyig saucer, etc)? What do you need it to do based on its form (have a lot of space inside so cut out any unnecessary padding or frames or systems… but those things are kind of necessary… so look into materials that are flexible, strong, and light.) How will it be powered? I dont want to use gas… so maybe water, as it is readily abudnant… and could even maybe be extracted/created through the air, so I began learning chemistry and biology. I want it to power itself ideally, so I will never have to pay for gas/refuel.. thus I researched the idea of nanomaterials, artificial photosynthesis, energy transformation, solar cells, and so much more.

I realized I needed a way to test all these ideas… so I would need to learn CAD… but I had a potato of a computer.. and had to share it with everyone in my family… so not much time to find stuff like that. And most of them cost (or did cost) a lot of money and time to learn… the closest library was far out of walking distance, I could not stay at school to use theirs, so no CAD…

How many other people have this problem? They want to build something but have no idea what the first steps are…

These types of analysis, multi-lane considerations, unabashed dreaming, and dogged curiosity is what led to nearly every other passion, depth, and breath of learning I now enjoy today.

It made me an erudite. Each problem simply showed me dozens of other solutions and ideas.

The modeling/prototype problem led to studying how ideas are modeled before being made and led to Flubbi.

The energy problem led to studying the fundamentals of energy, materials science, fluid dynamics, propulsion, and even nuclear physics. This all led to Graphite all-in-one materials as well as psuedo-perpetual motion machines and mechanical propulsion.

The safety problem led to studying the history of automobiles and other transportation as well as hydraulics, crash studies, structural/civil engineering, and anatomy.

The infrastructure/licensing/steering problem led to skyways and urban planning.

The marketing problem led to the idea of Revolution and Inspiration through design, sales rep, the Art of Persuasion, product development, etc.

Now I know what my interests are. I know how my mind works. I know how to learn.

I know that I excel at understanding the fundamentals of quantum physics, astronomy, aeronautics, hardware, and systems engineering; I know that I find it difficult to grasp the finer things in higher level maths, algorithmic coding, and similar skills. However, I know that I am by far more naturally adept at communicating ideas. I know that my unfair advantage is this ability, this need to see the grand picture and most if not all of its components.

And it all started with a dream… a yearning.. to fly.

So here I am. Declaring to the world. That it is my passion and life-mission to help us all fly. Fly our vehicles, fly our minds, fly our souls, and fly our lives beyond the limitations we perceive. We will fly… and should we get ‘too close to the sun’… this time around… it’ll simply charge our battery.

Get in where you fit in.

Here are some projects I need help with in (rough) order of difficulty. Whether you can help, know someone who can help, have feedback, or just think one is cool, please highlight/comment to tell me so!

The Exprimitence — A story that never ends. Based on the idea of incorporating large amounts of different ideas to build a fictional world. Made to test the limits of one’s writing/storytelling abilities and to inspire a new age of positivity an multiculturalism.

FriendFinderThingy — Inspired by Agar.io and dating apps, it simulates how meeting people works IRL, digitally. Bump another person/circle to engage in conversation. There are badges, achievements, skins, maps, etc that can help determine who you would like.

InternetBox — Inspired by futuristic AR interfaces, allows you to navigate the entire internet through one window. This window is very customizable and ‘fun’ in that it uses interesting backgrounds, borders, dyanmics, and commands. Will help usher in the next era of human-computer interfaces.

Flubbi — Fight depression (stress and anxiety) with creativity. Inspired by Flubber. A digital play-doh like system that allows one to create anything and share it anywhere; all through a very intuitive and addictive system of therapeutic creation.

Project HardCore — Next level of gaming inspired by Project Spark, Gameglobe, No Man’s Sky, Worlds Adrift, an the Exprimitence idea. An open-world, sandbox, action-combat, educational MMORPG where one learns real world skills, science, and economics through simply playing the game how you like. Built for VR and AR in mind.

Virtual Marketplace — Inspired by the onset of gamification of everyday life and the lucrative possibilities of microtransactions. A game (or just virtual) based economy that instead of charging players, focuses on creating creators so that the profitability of companies depend on the profit of consumers.

NeoGUI — Inspired by Flubbi and InternetBox. A completely novel yet more intuitive gesture-based computer interface system with the option of hands-on immersion for greater creativity. Built for the VR/AR industry.

eDune Worm — Inspired by drones and underground wires. A mechanical worm that ‘eats’ bedrock and dirt to help create tunnels without the need to dig up surface streets/ground. Equipped with high powered sensors and seismic probes to evade any unstable foundations, tunnel structures, or wanton killing of underground creatures.

Hovercar — Flying personal vehicles. Powered by wind, uses stored and ambient energy to propel in any direction. Made with extremely durable (like a bouncy ball upon impact), flexible, strong, and conductive materials to house both structural and electrical needs all in the chasis of the vehicle. Employs intuitive steering but now focuses on the idea of driverless vehicles. Maximum amount of space inside the vehicle for better sociability and productivity while traveling. Comes in models ranging from free to economy class to luxury (all with a baseline standard of aesthetics and safety).

Skyways/Hypertunnels — Infrastructure for flying vehicles and borderless nations. Streets are able to expand or shrink to accommodate traffic. Equipped with wifi (or li-fi) as well as solar cells, batteries, and wires for maximum energy efficiency.

BEAN Trees — Agents of terraforming. 21st century in a seed.

Living Cities — Inspired by Yggdrasil. Uses entirely unique and biomimetic engineering to create dynamic urban metrocities. Every building, street, and wire can collect, store, and transport energy. Each city reflects and enhances the environment it is built in. Unlike any other idea of a city, these are first simulated virtually and not approved unless every room/office/house has a clear view of the sky (or horizon).

Ground-Space Liftoff — Spaceships. Retires the idea of building an anatomical metal phallus to penetrate the skies, and instead embraces the idea of swiftly floating or falling upwards to reach space without exhausting massive amounts of fuel. May use rail-gun based slings, vacuum pullies, or possibly micro-gravity distortions.

Space Structures — Inspired by Rama and O’Neill Cylinders. Studies and formulates century-long plans to build artificial planets and spacecraft capable of combining into larger structures.

Elijah Claude

Written by

Philosopher, Imagineer, Erudite.

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