Sadly this issue permeates not only Tech but also Finance.
David Aron Levine

As a YearUp Alum, I truly appreciate what you are doing and can contest as to the talent of my fellow graduates and underprivileged minorities.

We are often looked over; often thought inherently incompetent (though no one wants to say it); we are thus either fated to repeat this circle of poverty or required to work thrice as hard for a backseat at the same table.

In my brief stints at some of the top Fortune 400 companies, I found that it is still not an even playing field and certainly not the most effective path to lasting change. Therefore, I have decided to forge my own path.

Since it is so difficult to find the same opportunities as fellow humans of the lighter skin color, only to be in an environment that does not respect or want me for who I am,…. it is best to create our own company and even industry. Where we can empower disadvantaged individuals. Folks who are just as talented and even more valuable due to their rarely heard views. This will not be exclusive. Nor will it be done through ‘affirmative action’. It will simply be rooted in the culture from whence I came. Thus, able and willing to give opportunities directly to people who hardly, if ever, see them.

So again, I want to thank you. For it is people like you who are and will make this happen.

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