Consistency is Hard

Is it worth it??

Its hard to put yourself out there everyday… whether that means just ‘in private:’ putting your ideas on paper, divorced from your mind, where their flaws and weirdness and shortcomings become readily apparent… or in public: out in front of other discerning, judging eyes that might hold it in complete contempt and disregard, completely out of context from the mental womb from which it sprung from…

Its hard.

Its hard to push yourself to produce. To create. To be better. Especially when you lack confidence in yourself. When insecurity whispers your failings in your ear… manipulating you into a feeling of impotence and apathy. Making you think that you have no more to give the world, no ideas worth sharing, no value to add…

Its hard.

Its hard to pull yourself through times of great strife and stress. When it seems like money, lack thereof, has a frustratingly real incorporeal chokehold on your very life and happiness. Even simple things seem impossible when resources are scarce. Things others take for granted are items of luxury and privilege to you… things way beyond your grasp. You tend to feel worthless when the things others deem cheap or low-value are worth more than the value you apparently (dont) bring into the world…

Its hard.

Its hard to persist through all of this doubt and fear and friction. To keep going amidst tumultuous adversity. Against apathy and invisibility in a world fighting for attention. Its difficult to strive for a sense of (self)worth and value despite the apparent collusion of inner and outer turmoil. Its crazy to keep going and going and going. To try and try again and try some more. To just movemovemove and do and execute and ship it and get sht done and be a man of Action!

Its hard.

And that’s what makes it worth it.

Thats the value of your struggle.

Hard is the journey… because only with such rigor can you become harder than hard.

Only by putting yourself in the way of success, pushing yourself to be better, pulling yourself up, and persisting through it all can you become something unbreakable. Antifragile.

Hard is the hammer and the anvil from which you are pounded into shape.

Hard is mutations and predators and environmental threats you learn to adapt to survive from. 
The obstacles and trials you overcome.
The territory you conquer.
The freedom of life.

Hard is a life worth living. Not just one passively lived.