Contemplations of a Strange Mind, Day 5

Experiencing and analyzing rap is Dope!… This one is speculative

HipHop Analayzer… Genius on Crack .. ahem.. steroids.. ehm… with Superpowers… lol

Hip-Hop is an amazing genre shunted by the uninitiated as just some ghetto music… as the music of the poor and uneducated.

When in reality, Hip Hop has influenced more genres of music around the world than pretty much any other modern genre in the last two centuries. Hip Hop is the classic music of the next generation. 
In a few hundred years, we’ll look back and view this genre, this timespan.. as we currently do view the Orchestral ‘classical’ masterpieces of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, et al (who else was there?)

So why not get an early start? Not only will it be a great thing to do, but it will learn some’n to all these ‘white folk’ and sleep folk unaware of how the black community works.

Not to mention it’ll be an extra dope practice for AI chat bots and the like…

This Hip Hop analyzer would have to provide insights on the lyrics, the wordplay, and the technical poetry… but even above that is the rhythm and soul of the flow… what makes a rapper sound smooth… what makes a rhyme come alive… the breath and heartbeat of the song.

Then there is the socio-contextual analysis. The allusions to culture, current events, and sociological circumstances will probably be the most important pieces to capture. It is the awareness of black and hiphop culture that will actually enlighten and make scholars… or hiphop heads, of the layman. Why this music? Why is a banger a banger? Why is this subject matter so prolific… so violent and aggressive… so philosophical? There is so much underneath that the media and apathetic critics consistently fail to even touch on that is critical in bringing to light.

And of course we come to the actual beat… the sound… the instrumentals. The tool would have to trace back all the component genres and regional influences. It would have to pay heed to how certain beats affect the very mood and direct the flow. Twould do well to also connect the progress of audiotechnology with the shifting of sounds throughout the decades.

It would be so cool to have this… then you can even help folks make a career out of their favorite genre… off of being involved with their own culture. It would educate people in an organic and mutually symbiotic way. But of course this wouldnt work if the tool was too esoteric or clinical. It has to be flexible. To be seen as ‘cool’ and as far from presumptuous as it can be to appeal to the masses who have been brainwashed to believe that they are too stupid to partake in such discourse. It would have to combat the daily haters and traditionalists who make it their life’s mission to make this entire genre and its people feel irrelevant and criminal and living failures… It would have to combat the systemic abuse and politically endorsed bullshit… It would have to keep it a’hunnit.

Is HipHop dead…

Has it transcended beyond itself…

Or something else entirely…?

There is so much more to speak on this!! But alas… the night approaches again…

Keep it real!