I want to blog daily again but this moving business is so draining.. so here’s 10 more last minute ideas

  • Racing game based on the spykids 3d super track racing scene. Can make a wide variety of custom vehicles. Can do combat beyond bunping and items. Can have absolutely insane tracks. Can have vehicle destruction where the vehicle can lose any piece but also can still race as long as the player can figure a way to move forward.
  • First person view game that doesnt feel floaty by actually putting everything we see irl as the characters peripheral ui… ie being able to see nose, lips, chest, shoulders and the rest of the body almost all the time… test to see how to make it look right and if it will help against motion sickness. Gameplay should focus on small details and precision rather than traditional skills or bullet/damage soaking.
  • Scifi (or even fantasy) game that goes way beyond the use of guns/magic. Extreme customizations that allow the player to create any character, skills, vehicles, buildings and even whole cities and quests they can imagine. Then imports all of these creations into an mmo like world. For instance, players can create an avatar that has a right arm which can burst out into metallic tentacles and a lower body thats a mini nebula and a head that is a mobile drone…
  • A site where anybody can write and get paid for it via a strong crowdfunding infrastructure.. but can accept payments beyond just money, can accept everything from sponsorships to tickets to art, favors, audio voiceovers and so on. Site is like RoyalRoad in a way (allows for amateurs to gain renoun), like WuxiaWorld in others (partners with translators) and also takes inspiration from Patreon (communities of supporters/crowdfunders) and YouTube (tabs for reccomended, trending, subs, etc). Will also have a way to tag and search for specific genres of writing; and possibly also for years of experience, fame, ratings, etc
  • A company or way of payment that doesnt tack on fees or interest for payments. Instead works with customer to figure out budget, payment arrangements, and options that include job reccomendations to work for that company. Takes the idea of indentured servitude and makes it ethical. But also uses the jobs to teach the customer turned employee real transferable skills as well as credit.

  • Voxel-like character models
  • Music visualizer type gameplay
  • AI that can tell you what plants to use for what purposes
  • AI that can tell you exactly what is wrong with any device or electronics and how to fix it
  • Brain data interface that can show, predict, and diagnose how different (addictive) habits and diets affect/change your brain. Communicates information in terms of personality changes and impact on personal life
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