20 Things I’m Going To Do Before I Die And You Should Do Too
Tim Denning

Love this!

Just yesterday I had a strong urge to express that I’ll never feel done…

I cant imagine myself like all the people I know that think about old age as just being able to do and say whatever you want, to kick back and live wantonly because you’re about to die anyway… No. I Know that Im going to be doing all I can to create bigger and better things till the day I die.

Just today, I had an (annoying) acknowledgment of mortality with my SO. Agreeing on what we’ll do with the other’s body should one of us die first…

I hate thinking of that stuff.

Not because I dont want to die… but because there’s so much life to live!

There’s so much to do and so little time.

Few of us really think about all that we want to do with life before we start thinking of what we’ll do if we know we’re about to die.

You just inspired me to think about some things that I want to accomplish and feel fulfillment through in life!

  1. Create a billionaire company that completely revolutionizes how we live our lives by empowering people to create, build wealth, and network.
  2. Create a powerful network/mastermind of close friends who seek to push each other forward
  3. Create amazing works of art in the way of hiphop or edm/orchestral music as well as dance… or at least enjoy the process
  4. Marry the Love of my Life!!!
  5. Raise 4–6 amazing kids who grow up to do amazing things and feel amazing doing them!!
  6. Travel the world. Living in at least a dozen countries for a whole year.
  7. Learn to speak fluently in at least one other language (I really want to be a polyglot… but I have to overcome this anxiety I have of feeling like I am incapable of learning languages)
  8. Write at least one amazing scifi (or fantasy) that inspires generations to come
  9. Aggregate enough physical books to have my own library. Every single one of which I have read.
  10. Read one book a week for at least a year and write an essay or otherwise do a project on it
  11. Make a scientific discovery/breakthrough
  12. Invent something.
  13. Write a memoir/autobiography to inspire/enlighten others
  14. Build a supercity
  15. Help unite and support the black/afro community
  16. Make a working prototype of my hovercar idea(s)… at the very least
  17. Write and/or act in an epic space opera movie
  18. Create at least one action combat, open world, sandbox mmo game
  19. See the clear night sky.
  20. Fly in space
  21. Love my life. And just about every fact of it.