Penitence — 40 Ideas in 3 days

I missed 3 days…

This time it wasnt expressly my fault… the first day could have been avoided… the second, not so much.

And today… a combo of both… :P

Still… I should keep a backlog… Perhaps I’ll just talk on things that interest me, but introduce no new designs until the weekend… so that I can create some ‘space’…


Either way, here’s for messing up and breaking my streak,… again.

Responsible (Digital) Technology

  • Electronics that are modular, wireless, and have multiple energy-sources (solar, battery, tribo/piezoelectric, etc)
  • Devices that teach/show you how to repair them… self-diagnosing…
  • Fully customizable devices: Black Desert-like character creation, but for devices (color, texture, form, components, etc)…
  • Super durable devices, or device components, covered with Polyurea…
  • Computers that can guide you through how to (re)program them…
  • Internet apps and programs that show you/visualize data packets…
  • Content creation platforms and tools that show you exactly what legal things you may have to be aware of for that video/post/music/etc
  • Platforms that allow you to customize your storefront to completely reflect your brand (via a simple and intuitive interface)
  • Social Media and digital contracts that show you where, when, what, why(?), and how your privacy and data may be (mis)used
  • Software that does its best to learn who you are and how to make it easy for you to utilize the software optimally, ie (self-)teaches technical literacy.

Responsible (Higher) Education

  • Build a campus/community with an inspirational environment. Truly a work of architectural genius with clear sightlines to the horizon, vibrant trees and gardens, waterways and waterfalls, organic buildings that can actually change and maybe even move at least once or twice a year…
  • Similar to Vine Street… focus on content creators, either by admission or conditions (must create something on a consistent basis)
  • Offer discussion classes/lecture halls only for speakers and large events
  • Library in every community, augmented with ebooks, VRrcades, (free) studio rooms, and nature parks!
  • Parks and recreation areas with freerunning/parkour and calisthenic friendly design; well kept but open to frolicking (no ‘keep off grass’ tape)
  • Anti violence drones that record instances of violence and put them on display to shame people into resolving issues, (and evidence for instances of more drastic punishment measures)
  • No parking lots, (large) stores, or cars on ‘campus’… optimized for bikes, walking, freerunning, autonomous vehicles, and DIY vehicles
  • Built with and around communication via the ability to leave notes and access virtual IRC/forums/message board anywhere (via a combo of AR, YikYak, and Dark Souls-inspired notes)
  • Organize frequent community competitions and events to build, collaborate, and/or share creations… As well as group puzzles, games, parties, feedback days, etc
  • Augmented Reality as part of the architecture and culture of the place. Allowing remote students/denizens to ‘live’ or just visit through their digital avatars. But in such a way that their presence seems almost physical

Alternate Modes of Clean Energy (Highly Experimental/Theoretical)

  • Sound/music based, transfers mechanical sound waves into electrical energy (or vibration-triggered actions)
  • Piezo-electric and Triboelectric via above or friction/pressure on clothes, walkways, vehicles, etc
  • Solarpower used directly, or stored more efficiently (copy nature and convert to sugars? or perhaps metaphorically and create organic batteries)
  • Extract raw materials/elements from sand and dirt via low-energy chemical reactions, or ones that may actually release heat/energy
  • Growing hybrid cyborg plants that can store electricity and use photosynthesis mechanically or for electric production
  • Gas-based factories using CO2 to trigger reactions but has a thrice-sealed area that turns any dangerous gases inert or even beneficial if accidentally released (ie CO2 into oxygen via a mesh that binds more strongly with carbon…)
  • Plant-like wires that can grow… used to find and tap into underground water (or other?) reservoirs and transfer it to the surface without manpower… could also send some type of devices that creeps down deep-rooted trees, such as the Boaboab, to find where/how they get their water.
  • Bend-mills: simple devices that replicate flowing grass, similar to windmills; use the force of wind to generate electricity whenever it bends.
  • Lightning rods that grab or catch lightning from high-risk areas such as in the jungle… can also be artificially created over vast, desolate desert areas.
  • Biomimicry: Photosynthesis, Respiration, ATP-generation, chemical/bio-based reactions (and devices)

(Non-Exhaustive) New Industries for Humans in the Age of AI

  • Vlogging: Sharing their everyday lives, can be extremely epic or painfully mundane, anything and everything that offers a window into your life. Atop current way of monetization, can have networks of vlogger-sponsors where one vlogger can sponsor or advertise another.
  • Experience Coaching: Showing/coaching people how to live a fulfilled life without traditional labor (moreso counseling for older generations)
  • Vlog/Personal Branding: Coaching, design, tool creation, and overall empowering others to turn their lives into a (vlog)brand that will attract a community
  • AI Ethics Teacher: Showing robots/AI what it means, and how to be moral
  • Explorer/Adventurer: Pioneering new spaces and places on Earth, in Space, or in the ‘Vertiverse’ (Virtual Reality Multiverse)
  • Vertiverse QA: Testing not just for bugs that software may have missed, but for how virtual environments react/appear to other humans
  • Experience Design: Designing physical, emotional, spiritual, or virtual experiences for people to enjoy. Can include such things as interactive music visuals, hyper-real video games, hyper-immersive virtual environments, remote location casting, etc
  • Existential Counseling: Helping people navigate and decide their identity in a world where the digital, and the real intwine so completely… where Earth is no longer a common birthplace for all humans…
  • Multi-World Communication: Ambassador, communicator, navigator, etc for peoples of different worlds (physical and digital)
  • Space Industry… duh