Simulations: The Ultimate Gameplay?

A few ideas on what could be done with realistic simulations

The last few blogs were quite heavy… So today I just want to spark some inspiration on what might be possible if we had games that could very accurately simulate the real world.

I personally find that the vast majority of games are inherently similar in that their gameplay is ultimately shallow. You either shoot things, explore fake worlds, or do obstacle courses (platformers and racing games). Now I still very much enjoy much of this, but as with everything… too much of a good thing is bad for you.

More importantly, video gaming is still in its infancy. More so than the internet. There is so much more that we can do! But we won't get there by doing the same thing in different ways.

We are finally getting to the point where we can simulate real world physics and various other properties in games. So why not test the limits of this new capability?

Below are 10 ideas for simulation-based games that (can) have real world proponents/impact. Also note that every single one can be a single-player or (preferably) an MMO game.

  • Game based on socio-political maneuverings… a true politics-sim where you can /have to talk to people (players and npcs) as the primary gameplay, with the goal of conquering (or just pursuing a personal goal)
  • A magic game for audiophiles, where you have to invent, cast, and merge spells by creating music or interesting sounds. Main gameplay uses waveforms and vibration patterns through various materials to produce the desired effect
  • Quantum Field Theory game where you play as a ‘Quantum God’ who only sees the world in fields (photon, electron, etc). You must use forces (gravity, electromagnetism, strong, and weak) to build a viable universe. You get extra points for creating a universe where some form of life can exist. And even more if you can create sentient life.
  • An ‘ARPG’ where one can have a ‘real world avatar’ (or just use their own identity) in which quests to learn more about the world. This game would be intended to break people out of their echo-chambers and have fun engaging in the world and chasing the ‘Path of Truth.’ Could have pvp battles that are like turn-based trivia rounds. Can use knowledge points to build/design virtual libraries containing all of the knowledge they’ve found. Players can share their Books of Knowledge once it reaches a certain level of ‘objective truth’ and eternally be credited as the writer/discoverer. Also awards teaching/sharing of knowledge with co-author or ‘legacy student’ or other titles
  • An ARPG that is like a ‘real world minecraft’ in which anyone can build anything. But instead of being in a virtual space, it is overlayed on real-world areas. Could be over areas as big and populated as metrocities, or as small and rural as a patch of land out in the middle of nowhere. Every player has their own layer of the world in which their creations live. But they can visit other player creations by switching to their layer, and can work with other players by merging their layers (merged layers can become standalone layers seperate from personal ones). Furthermore, there can be quests, npcs, mobs, and anything else one might have in a virtual game added into their augmented layers… these also can be created by the players themselves (in addition to the devs).
  • A chemistry sim game where people can freely experiment with every chemical/element in existence to come up with all sorts of reactions, compounds, etc. Discoveries that are new to the world can be considered for real world Nobel Prizes. Players can also use their creations in pvp matches/encounters.
  • A biology sim game where players can create their own organisms using real world genetics, domestication, chemistry, etc… but times can be sped up (or slowed own). Would also have PVP and opportunity for real-world scientific rewards for discoveries.
  • An evolution sim game where one can either be a ‘god’ manipulating various environmental effects to prod life to adapt and evolve in interesting ways, or as a (series of) living being that has to adapt to the environment. Both roles could be asynchronous pvp, or simply modes of gameplay one can switch between on the fly.
  • Technological Singularity game where one can invent, innovate, or accomplish any realistically possible feat of engineering/technology by granting the player infinite resources. Could have a creative/layman's mode where one can simply put things together, getting scored on how realistically possible it is with current technology; could also have an advanced/career mode where one can use accurate engineering, mathematical, and scientific principles/procedures to build, getting scored on how cost-effective it is with current real-world limitations.
  • Real life simulator. Live life exactly as you are. But every player has an AR interface showing accurate stats of Everything: IQ, EQ, Network, Finances, Fitness, Work Ethic, etc etc etc… along with levels of mastery (in comparison to other players) of all skills. Player profiles can be shared and customized as desired.

Which would you like to play? Which would you like to know more about?

Thanks for reading!

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