The BS of “Imagining the Tenth Dimension”

So I saw this video about 10 dimensions the other day…

I was floored by this. It looked so awesome and gave me sooo many ideas! I watched at least a half a dozen different videos talking about dimensions.

I usually can understand the basics of hard science like quantum physics pretty well, granted thats just the basics, not the maths haha. I was also super interested in learning more about dimensions after watching Miegakure…

But I just couldnt grasp it.. and I didnt accept that it was because my mortal brain is too stuck on 3 dimensions.

So I kept searching… I watched a ton of videos and read several articles and wikis and even loose mathematical explanations… but it just wasnt clicking.

Finally, at 4 in the morning… I realized why…

Rob Bryanston’s ‘visualization’ is crap!

The dude did great at making such an esoteric topic interesting.. but he conflates at least half a dozen very different theories and ideas and thought experiments together and acted as if it was a viable explanation!

His defenders say he never intended for it to be real science .. they say its just an imagining.. but its not! What he’s done is like saying I can give an ‘imagining’ of all fluids by mashing together the natural laws of water, plasma, paper airplanes, Harry Potter’s magic system, the aether, and quantum entanglement! Its like saying I can make an interesting representation of vegetables and get people interested in researching the health benefits and agricultural history of vegetables by showing them YouTube poop of the Veggie Tales and Sausage Party.

Its a lie. It’s woefully inaccurate. Its horribly misleading. Thankfully I had introduced myself a bit to string theory and quantum physics beforehand so I knew to trust my gut that something was off…

So what is wrong with it?

The vid starts with a fairly accurate visualization of the Point Line Plane Postulate and the first 3 dimensions… However, even there one has to realize that there is no actual hierarchy of dimensions… nor is there a distinct dimension where just one exists.. meaning length does not equal dimension 1, etc… we simply realize that there are 3 axes, or directions of movement, in our world. We can thus choose any direction to be the x axis, and call that length. Than we find the direction vertically perpendicular (at right angles) to that and call it Y, the same for Z.

The 4th dimension being time is thus off because time is simply what we use to describe the rate at which something moves or changes… String Theory uses time as a seperate dimension not because it’s like a spatial one that you can move back and forth in, but because there is always a sequence of events going forward.

Furthermore, time is intimately tied to space. Thus spacetime. Notice that is spacetime… now timespace. That means time is intimately tied to space. This ties into Einstein’s Relativity… which basically proves that how fast you move through space and how close you are to strong gravity, which warps the very shape of space, determines how you experience time… at least in terms of how your time relates to someone else’s.

Then he throws in the term Quantum Mechanics to explain the probability phase of the 5th and 6th dimension by saying they're collapsed waveforms or whatevs.. but quantum mechanics is the study of the small, the super small stuff with little packets of energy (or quantized elements).

The waveform is talking about how, in quantum physics, particles exist as probabilities in which only chooses or collapses into a specific state when observed.

But Schrodingers Cat is a thought experiment actually proves that these quantum behaviours are incompatible and impossible on the macro scale.. much less on that of whole universes.

Than he throws in String Theory to explain the other 6 dimensions and hoe they curl up… but that only applies to sub sub atomic, ie plank length.. stuff so small that nothing but little wiggly strings, or frequencies, of energy exist… this has NOTHING to do with alternate timelines and such.

Edit: UGH… there’s just so much… and I wrote this in like 20 minutes… I’ll make a much better and more detailed article in the coming days.

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