The Future is Content.

Fearing, Ignoring, Embracing AI #Singularity …. is Stupid

I just watched this:

Which is just another (albeit really well presented) appeal to get folks onboard the Fear-(or at least rekanize)-the-indomitable-AI-Sentience train.

I dont care if you’re on Elon Musk’s train of thought or Ray Kurzweil’s.

Real talk.

Fearing AI is dangerous.

Ignoring AI is foolish.

Embracing AI is pointless.

Nothing wrong with building this responsibly, but that’s not what most us are doing. The majority of us are fearing, or ignoring, or embracing the idea of superintelligence… But that’s not what we should be doing.

What we should be doing is readying ourselves to actually enjoy life. To each gain a mindset of living rather than just surviving. We should all be ‘preparing’ not for war or panic or the ‘robopocalypse’… but for the freedom to do what we want to do in life.

What we should be doing is talking about the practical future of work, and what it means to be human.

What will everyone do when they dont have to work anymore?

No, that does not equate to the fall of humanity as we all sit around and get fat.

Quite the opposite…

We will all have to be fit for,





Jkjk…. kinda.

In a world where we dont have to work, where the ‘labor force’ is in every way superior to human labor.

In a world where everything we need can be easily created without much, or any cost to us. In a world where humans are ‘like ants’ to the real superintelligence.

The one thing that will be ‘left’ for us is, of course, what we *actually* want to do… ie live the life we want to live, and share our life, our experience, our journey …with the world.

Not everyone will want to or have to. But the most popular thing to do will be sites like YouTube, where people can just make entertaining or interesting content, and build communities around their channels. In a world where we dont have to work. We will create a culture of entertainment and experiences. 
Just like we’ve always done, we’ll tell stories.

No, that does not mean we will ‘lose our edge’ and be a bunch of soft, frivolous kids.

Take a look at Logan Paul (pictured above)… This 21 year old ‘kid’ makes it his daily goal to live the best, most fulfilling, exciting life he possibly can. He is coming out with a series in which he’s done crazy stuff like wrestle a bear, coach a football team, become a Luchador and so much more.

Too Dramatic for you? Then check out King Bach with his amazing comedy or Superwoman with her skits or Harley Morenstein with his epic food experiments or folks like RadBrad with his gameplays or VSauce and Veritasium and SciShow teaching the world or any of the literally millions of YouTube folks making a life for themselves doing what they want to do; working largely for themselves. Many of which dont even do it for the money, but just love that they can do what they want while still making a living.

Too much YouTube for you? Fine, check out folks like Tim Ferriss and John Dumas making a huge name for themselves by interviewing others, top performers, on their podcasts. Check out Fanbros and the whole Loud Speakers Network talking about everything from comics to tech to nerdy stuff in general to pop culture. 
Check out twitch streamers and professional esports gamers.
Check out webfiction writers in China (and translators like on WuxiaWorld) or indie/fan writers on TopWebFiction or RoyalRoad.
Check out any artist ever… keeping themselves busy for millennia now.

Point is…. just because the grindstone of drudgery work goes away doesn't mean people wont still be on the grind carrying out their own ambitions.

Just like always, people are going to be people. Ambitious, passionate people will want to achieve great things with or without having to make money doing it. Non-ambitious people who just want to be entertained, read, play, or whatever will always find a way to do ‘nothing’ and just consume all that great content out there. And all of these types of people need each other anyways.

Yes, there will be problems. Nothing is perfect, and we will never be perfect. But I would MUCH rather deal with the problems of that society; like how to balance producing content vs consumption, or figuring out whether to create a virtual currency system out of sheer nostalgia/history, or how to celebrate completely eradicating poverty and living in a world of abundance.. without ‘overdoing’ it….. HAH!
Yeah, any of those problems are far more preferable than pretty much ANY of the current day issues:

You know: Poverty, Hunger, Disease, Water, Education, Inequality, Slavery…

But here’s the funny thing…. even in the (small) chance that we *dont* create Sentient AI that can render all work moot….. our normal (exponential) progress of technology will do that anyways.

3D Printers, Simulations (ie realistic games), Mixed Reality, Genome Project, Internet, Robotics/Automation, etc etc… We are pushing ourselves out of ‘jobs’ via progress.

The future is not one where we work for others. The future is one where we seek to just entertain each other… to put a smile on another’s face… put an idea in their mind, wander in their eyes, love in their hearts, greatness in their goals. The future is one of entertainment, growth, inspiration, motivation, aspiration, and fulfillment.

This isn't even dramatizing it. The very existence and popularity of content creators and streamers and writers and artists proves it.

Its easy to think negative. Its easy to assume the worst. Its easy to cry wolf. But if you, yes you, want to be ready… If you want to prepare yourself to live in a world where ‘jobs’ do not exist… then you must be practical.

Negativity is not practical.

Fearing or ignoring or even embracing the problem is not practical.

Creating your own grind is.

Create. Consume. Live.

Be Practical.


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