The Human Issue in the Law of Compensation

Why we often fail to amount to greatness, achieve more, and get paid better.

We wonder why we are broke… not making enough… why we have to settle for less…
Eventually, after failing a lot or years of never making enough, you settle for less. You take jobs that are not at all satisfactory. You buy lesser grade products. You spend more and more time, effort, and stress doing things that result in less and less income. You conclude that you will have to make do with what you have. There may come a day when you can get out there and show the world your stuff… when you can make enough money to never have to worry about it again! When you win the lotto! Just need to catch a break…

But until then, in the meantime; you will settle for less. You will do this minimum wage job that is far more work and may injure your aging bones. You will do this for your family, for now. You have to.
You tell yourself, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your pets, your God, your dreams, your reality… that this is how it has to be right now.

You tell them this,

“I have no choice.”

You always have a choice. And that’s what scares us.

Earlier this morning I was listening to a Think and Grow Rich call (brought to my attention by my awesome Karatbars team) and today’s chapter really resonated with me.

Everyday growing up I heard how terrible it is to be poor, “I have to take this job… I have no choice.” they say with a dejected look and the familiarity of slumped shoulders, shoulders used to bearing the load of their little world and that of their family.
“We cant afford it… I have to pay rent and these bills… I have no choice.” they say, predisposed to the whips and chains of poverty and failure. Too used to the stress of trying to get the next paycheck to give thought to new technology or traveling or anything more luxurious than some sweets and maybe even ‘eating out’ at a fast food joint.
“I’ll just take some meds and pray God will help… I have to work… I have no choice.” they say, prepared to trudge on with a busted knee, back, shoulder, joints, inflamed thryoid, high blood pressure, heart murmurs, anxiety attacks and random ills that want to assault them that day… knowing they cant afford insurance or, God-forbid, a hospital visit to get anything looked at.

Working, working, working day in and day out knowing they will never earn enough to get off the food stamps society hates them for needing. Beaten by their negative experiences into thinking they are not smart enough, or connected enough, or have enough money … to make more money.

That’s just how life is.
Its God’s plan.
That’s the way the chips fall.
This is payment for my past.
This is What happens when you make bad decisions.
Its all because that one idea they stole that screwed me over.
Its because of that missed out opportunity.
That’s just how the world works.
Its out of my hands…
I have no choice.

With this background, I listened to this call…

The Law of Compensation.

Most people see it as a cost-benefit balance. Where you always have to choose between one thing or another. That there is a price to pay for everything. You can pick up this stick, this opportunity… but miss out on another…

At first, second, and third glance.. this philosophy holds water. Even more apparently in this day’s economy when folks are always talking about the value of your time and your money and all that.
We see this Law of nature as a perpetual win-lose… or a balance of good/evil, something gained and something lost, more of something and less of another… we see this as ‘Cant have everything I want.’

This is a losing mentality.

Like the Law states itself, you get what you demand; even with how you see the law.
There is the Negative side… where there is always a cost or loss to whatever you do (which in itself seems like common sense to even many Optimists and Opportunists). But we often fail to see what this can really mean. Because there is a side of unabashed Positivity.


Everything in the universe is moving. Rotating in a Fibonacci spiral of sorts… moving in some direction; growing and in motion. This movement/growth is caused by asymmetric, asynchronous action.

Newton stated that forces lead to changes in a property of matter he called momentum — the mass of an object, multiplied by its velocity. The greater the force, the faster the rate of change of momentum. That rate of change can manifest itself as a change in velocity; in other words, as acceleration…
(Article is unrelated but a good read.. Isn’t physics fun?)

That’s right… the universe moves in terms of energy transfer from a state of lesser to state of more, or vice versa sometimes, but always transferring.(Energy is neither created nor destroyed, blahblahblah…)

So… really think about this for a second.

If everything in the Universe (Multiverse?) moves and/or grows thanks to a constant dance between more and less… a change from one state to another… cant one say that balance is not equal parts of something… but a constant exchange of those parts? That the benefit of movement and growth is paid by the cost, or transmutation of something else?

(You see where I’m… moving here?)

The Law of Compensation is not saying ‘You cant have everything’ its saying that you get what you demand!
Demand growth!

You can & will ALWAYS move & grow in the forward vector/direction that you want to move in.

Why must we see ‘price’ and think ‘lose’? In reality… it is simply energy transfer: a passing of action from one thing to another; propelling us towards some target, or simply moving us forward. And THAT… is where its at. Being compensated for action with growth, and direction with movement.

Take control of your mind.

“There is a choice you have to make in everything you do. So keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.” ~John Wooden

You always have a choice.

You are always moving or growing… or you are dead… literally (and figuratively).

It is up to you to realize that you write your own checks, thanks to your everyday choices.

You have the ability to constantly grow and move forward.

Don’t forget it.

Thanks for reading.
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