The Power of Invisibility

Why its great that nobody cares about you…

I never understood why so many people often defaulted to invisibility… between being invisible, flying, and cloning oneself… most people tend to want ‘boring’ powers. I always told myself that if anyone cared to ask me in an interview or whatever… I’d have to say something inherently OP… the power of matter… of imagination… of something like Green lantern or better yet a Mxyzptlik or just simply the ability to manipulate molecules en masse haha.

But Im burying the lead here… point is, right now, nobody cares to ask me anything.

At least not until this one dude on Twitter did haha.

And talking to him made me cement this idea I had fermenting in the back of my mind, seeded by GaryVee of course… but also fertilized by Yann Girard.

I consciously realized that being invisible… not having much or any readers, followers, or fans…. is its own advantage.

Thats hard to grip for me. I have huge ambitions and just want to be at the point where I can have productive discussions with tons of great people on everything I post, and then spin up a project that same day or week…

But Im not there yet… not even close.

Im lucky enough if I get 2 people to like my stuff.. much less comment haha. But thankfully I do have the ever faithful ‘Medium Cheerleader’ SF Ali… he’s great. :D

But the point is that as an ‘invisible person’ … we can get away with A LOT more stuff than we could if we had a lot of attention on us.

Its only thanks to my having next to no fans that I can experiment with these largely last-minute, eclectic, almost random posts… Its thanks to my next to no amount of people that care that I can focus more on practicing my craft and practice sharing my story through quantity rather than aesthetic quality.

Its thanks to being invisible that I can not worry about being fancy or ‘great’ or much less perfect.

Due to the power of invisibility… I can have no shame. I can get comfortable with being vulnerable.

And I can post something right before midnight to hit my deadline, even though it's not done… than go back and finish it.

Quality is a distraction.

There are countless people who want to do something, want to start a blog or a youtube or whatever, but claim they are waiting till they have a certain skillset or a certain tool or a certain whatever… because they have ‘standards’ and what to create something ‘great’ on the first try and claim themselves to be ‘perfectionists’…. BS… all a bunch of BS they’re feeding themselves as they sit around and procrastinate and fake hustle.

I know so because I was like that… and if I had just started and posted something as soon as I could, I would likely be further along my journey than now. But alas…. least I’ve learned a lot about the dangers of being a wantrepreneur.

Now, I give myself a deadline and post something by then every single day.

I dont edit it more than a few hours after… sometimes I just fix a few minor grammatical stuff if I happen to reread my stuff a few weeks or months down the line… but more importantly, I can just leave dozens of blogs with all manner of terrible writing or unfocused blogs or just an earlier level of skill and come back to it a few months or even years later seeing my own improvement… but also knowing that once I do get big, people will realize that Ive been doing this for a long time with no attention.

Im in it for the passion.

This ‘power of invisibility’ is so amazing because we can do what we really want and enjoy, regardless of what other people think.

Haha… And I can be half-asleep and still push a #blogumentary out without stressing about how fancy it is… I know I can fix it tomorrow or just have a better insight to all of this later on down my #pathofatrillionaire when Im smarter and more experienced… Right now, its all about building discipline, consistency, and hustle.