Who Am I?

Existential Crisis or Salutary Inauguration?

Hello! You will be hearing a lot from me. For now though, I am just here to introduce myself.

So who am I? Thanks for asking!!

I am a Dreamer, a Thinker, a Nerd, and a Wantrepreneur, and I am not ashamed to admit it… nor am I proud enough to be content with this.

I am tired of feeling bad for my inability to be a traditional ‘millennial’, for failing to be code literate, for not taking all of my ‘good ideas’ to market, for failing to start something, for not focusing in one small little area and being the ‘expert’, for graduating with a 4.0 GPA but getting rejected by 7 colleges, for being a Haitian-american that only speaks English and doesn’t ever want to go to Haiti, for questioning God and doubting Science, for not caring a whole lot about the ‘classics’ and praising the unspoken history, for being a guy who enjoys reading more than parties and sports, for never liking drugs or alcohol without labeling myself as ‘straight edge’…or boring, for being a logistical virgin, for truth-shaming WOW and not liking Minecraft’s 8-bit graphics, for regularly trying to instigate intelligent debate on social media, for being proud to be an American while hating the ideals of ‘murica, for being unintentionally controversial on purpose, for suffering chronic melancholia, for blahblahblahing and for just being me.

I am going to change the world. And I am going to do it as my good ole weirdo self; ever evolving, ever googling, and ever the idiosyncratic erudite.

I shall embrace my budding skills as a Renaissance man, my obsessive urge to research all things ‘sexy’ about technology, my armchair tendencies to talk about gaming more than actually gaming, my weird fetish with physics (despite my strained relationship with ‘maths’), my placing the value of fantasy and space opera books far above any and all other genres, my well-read Stupendously Ambitious naivete, my arrogant humility, my skeptical prose, my philosophical pragmatism, my layman’s diction, my dirt pockets, and my love of magic.

I say all of this with such fugazi egocentricity …. because I felt like it. No value added. I just wasted your time with all of that… and I really appreciate you for doing that for me :P

But you probably learned shite about who I am, what I do, and where I’m going. As much as I’d like to tell you, no amount of Prose will ever really show you. So instead, take a look at this: My 2015 Obsessions.

Can you follow my evolution of thought so far?

Here is an example of what my digital mind looks like on a daily basis.

And this is considered tame, its been much worse:

Getting a picture of my portrait? No? Then check out my Desktop:

(I use less than 75% of those ‘shortcuts’)

If you like what you see, then follow me on Twitter: Low-Key Erudite @elijahclaude

If you don’t like what you see, then feel free to laugh at my failure: My first attempt at blogging.

It was easy to claim myself justifiably unaccountable for the lack of traffic and lack of consistency. People have been saying to get into writing for years now; my friends, my family, my instructors, and even my adequately defeated trolls and haters on the YouTube comments said Id probably be good at this. I was fed up with my procrastinating one night and went ahead and did it… Without Shia…and Failed…fast…Do I win?!

Now I am doing it again.. at 2 o’clock at night… again…


If you are a troll, a hater, or **GASP** a nice person, then please leave a comment. Despite what the ‘Top Stories on Medium’ articles says right this moment (great story BTW)

I am naive, stupid, and male privileged enough to enjoy reading what you say and see value in your feedback.


But whatever you do… Do NOT recommend this… IDK if I am ready or worthy enough to be held accountable for cranking out quality content on a regular basis. :P