Why we might not want Net Neutrality

Approaching the Net Neutrality Debate with Healthy Skepticism

What is Net Neutrality?

the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

In simple terms, its what makes the internet ‘fair and open’… supposedly.

Im all for a fair and open internet. However I think it important to stop and really apply some skepticism to this thing so many people are blindly supporting. Rare is it wise to hop on the same train as the masses in economic matters.

And this is most certainly an economic matter.

Riddle me this

Why is Facebook, Google, Microsoft and so on supporting Net Neutrality? Do they really care about the consumer? Or do they have some other Agenda? … beyond just saving on potential fees the likes of Comcast might impose on them?

Stay with me here…

Google and Facebook are collecting uncountable amounts of data on every single person who uses their services…

What are they doing with this data?

Selling it (or at least our preferences)…

To advertises (ie corporate shills)…

All but shoving ads in our faces.

They dont really care about our privacy, they’re profiting from buying our own data from us; without actually telling us how valuable our own data is.

Microsoft is certainly no saint. They simply were too late to the data game. But they are sure catching up with their OS-a-a-service with Windows 10, which allows them to gather just as much data… if not more. 
Not to mention they’re notoriously dubbed as M$ for practically grandfathering the much hated micro transactions and tons of anti-consumer xbox policies (a tradition they’re only just now somewhat reversing).

Back to Google, what used to be my all time favorite tech company… They are subtly but surely creating monopolies of their own across industries. In a not-so-subtle move, they created their own hardware, directly competing with Samsung (and a number of other huge tech companies like Amazon) so that they can fully control their android experience. 
YouTube, one of their biggest branches, is notorious for having terrible (or non existent) communication to both viewers and Creators alike. In fact, there is currently an ‘AdPocalypse’ going on right now where Creators, the people who made YouTube even work, feel completely sidelined by Advertisers (ie Corporate Shills). They’re no Comcast… but they’re not exactly all that much better.
Do I even need to point out Google’s recent search manipulation scandal?

How about Facebook’s problem with Fake News?

What about Microsoft’s inability to hold customer approval of their services for very long, if at all (Bing anyone?)

Each of these companies would benefit greatly from being able to squeeze the incumbent ISPs dry… forcing them to give up their monopoly.

But it wouldnt really open up the playing field.

It will just create new monopolies.

SO I ask you…. is Net Neutrality really what we should be fighting for? Or is it just a way for a whole new generation of uninnovative monopolies bullying the little guys from existing.
I mean, already, we see Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc *buying out* other startups instead of actually innovating themselves.

We cant forget that as much as they market themselves to be so, these are not noble startups… if such a thing even exists…

Silicon Valley itself is currently having a major problem with equality and doing the right thing…

Here’s another thought.

Why is it that ATT and Verizon aren't actually speaking up against this?

Why dont they care?

Its certainly not because they’re ‘too big’ to care…after all, Net Neutrality and Title II was good for them http://www.businessinsider.com/broadband-investment-up-after-new-net-neutrality-rules-2017-5

Matter of fact, they recently claimed to support Net Neutrality…

Comcast isn't even trying hard to fight this either.

The Tech Giants are just as huge and far more threatening to them today than any small guy that can come out from a ‘net neutral’ internet.

In fact, Net Neutrality, and Title II in particular, are almost the same thing as ‘Common Carrier’ laws. Which created the absolute monopoly we have today in the power, water, and telecom industries. 
Was that really a smashing success for consumers? Did that encourage competition or innovation? You tell me, how easy is it for you to switch your water provider when you dont trust their filtration methods? Or how about when your pipes burst or your power goes out just as easily as they did 50 years ago. How well has your telephone service gotten over the years? No, I dont mean smartphones, I mean the actual quality of your telecom-based phone calls.

An even scarier idea is the fact that this is all scarily similar to the reverse psychology fake outs that created the absolute monopoly in our economy we have now in Central Banking.

History repeating itself… or completely unrelated??


This is all far more complex and nuanced than just ‘fighting for a free and open internet’ that everyone is screaming about.

At the end of the day… I will still support net neutrality… for now.

Because I rather have google own my data and shove ads in my face then let Comcast win…

I fucking hate Comcast….




But maybe in 100 years we’ll be asking ‘Who Controls All of our Data?’…

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