Will PCs become Obsolete?

As the world becomes more and more mobile… as computing gets fragmented, or specialized, via different devices… some people are assuming that PCs (especially desktop computers) will become obsolete.

I highly doubt that. I am a Huge VR/AR fan and follow IoT tech…. but PCs evaporating anytime soon is just unrealistic.

For the simple fact of comfort.

Mobile devices aren't comfortable when you want to just sit and watch and/or do something… multitasking and productivity and shared activities.

I could go (and have went) a whole year just using my phone for everything, but most people hate to use their phone for work-related stuff. Even if its as simple writing a doc.

VR still needs a console.

I think I’ve stated that VR wont take off for another decade, at the least; simply because we need some way to fully immerse people into the virtual world before people will want to use VR for any long game sessions. That requires some sort of brain tech…

AR will be the next big thing, along with IoT… but that won't replace PCs, or PC Gaming, because it just doesn't make sense to use some wearable device when you’re sitting around at home, or at any other institution like work or school.

Plus, PCs are about to leap forward again… people think Moore's Law is over with… but we already have been seeing multiple opportunities for exponential progress in the way of materials (graphite and other carbon configurations), manufacture techniques (3d chips, photon-based, etc), and of course quantum computing or even neuro-mimicking chips…

Though I do agree with the Quora post:

In that PCs were in a bubble… being the only way to interact with the internet.

But now, people (casuals) dont need a whole stationary device to go online. So, for casual use, a desktop or even laptop computer is not necessary.

However, for pretty much any productivity task from coding to video/photo editing to animation and various types of records-keeping, a desktop (particularly use of the mouse and keyboard) is simply far more efficient than any touchscreen can ever be.

Until there is some type of brain-computer interface that can top this efficiency, PCs will persist. Even then, the larger screen real estate will likely be preferable.

There is a huge niche for PCs that will always be there if only for the simple fact that enthusiasts can never have too much power.

When VR/AR makes displays obsolete… you’ll still need some type of tower-type computer to house new graphics chips and quantum chips and heat sinks/coolant systems and so on.

Even when all data can easily be stored (safely) in the cloud… people will always want ‘physical,’ locally saved copies.

Even when gaming consoles become as powerful (and customizable) as desired… people will call that a computer, because it will be one (ie something you can also browse the internet and connect peripheral devices).

PCs will not go obsolete for a long long time… but they will become niche again; the trophy and indicator of nerds and geeks.