Work? Never.

Weekend work is for wimps … or overly productive people…

I promised myself I wouldn’t work during the weekend…. but I dont want to skip days in this 30Day challenge.. especially not on the 2nd day. I still consider blogging work, because it is uncomfortable, makes me super nervous, and I try to procrastinate doing it… So I will write a poem instead.

Poems are love, poems are life.

(I am so sorry for those of you who know where that is from…)

As the daytime past the sunset bleed the sky,

Templates of cumulus tempests tumble by.

The clouds darken in their husky arrogance,

Blotting out the rays of the sun, blissful in their ignorance.

Thus the days past, somber and lonely

And the nights chaste, painful and hungry.

No doors are opened.

No floors are cleaned.

Robber-Barons abide.

Learned lessons, Confucius blessings,

Found writ upon this heart of mine.

All culminated in idle wonder … ruminations.

And so the day passes atop rolling clouds of time.



That was close… 2 minutes shy :P

Day 2 of 30.
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