Work on Your Dreams

Even on lazy weekends and busy weekdays

Life feels very meaningless and empty without passion. When you dont or cant find your life’s purpose… you float through life feeling useless. You work but never or rarely enjoy the labor… and so even the fruits of your labor taste bland. Unfulfilling.

In order to live a fulfilled life… we need to learn to love the grind! Only then will we grind every single day, any way we can… But of course you’re wondering:

How do you find this grind?”

Thanks for asking!

First, you must awaken your passion!

Figure out your why… the thing that keeps you awake in excitement, that wakes your mind and energizes your body in the morning.
Find the why that tenaciously pushes you to question, to improve, to succeed.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What gives me energy?

2. What ignites my interest?

3. What pushes me to get up after I’ve been knocked down?

4. What do I love to do?

5. What am I good at or will do anything to be great at?

Write down your answers and use these as a constant, daily reminder!


Even the wildest of Fantasies just aren't as great as reality… better to sweat working towards your dream than to sweat in your bed dreaming…

Second, you must be consistent!

Often times, success is mistaken to be a straight path, but in reality success is like a maze, we have to take different directions and re-route just to reach the final and correct destination for success.

Take the Chinese bamboo tree for instance, everyday it has to be watered and fertilized. If the watering and nurturing stops at any moment, it dies. If nurtured properly, the tree will grow 90 feet tall. This does not happen overnight or in a short amount of time; this process takes 5 years. It takes 2 years alone for the tree to build the foundation and to stand firm.

The same applies with our dreams! We have to build the foundation and the credibility with our businesses or whatever our dreams are. If we stop nurturing our dreams just for a second, it dies. But if we continue to water and nurture our dreams even after setbacks, they will grow to unlimited potential. The two things we must have for this, is consistency and patience! Consistency to grow and the patience for the growth!

Have patience and engage in consistent actions. Write down your dreams and strive daily to be great!

Third is to execute!

Not much needed to say about this point… No room for excuses in a world of executions. If you’re struggling with a decision.. just do one, hopefully after self awareness.. but execution is all about action and empathy. Listen to those who love you… empathize with those that hate you… Always keep doing you.

Thanks again for reading these #blogumentaries!! This was another previously written draft… I suppose its not good that I am not leaving enough time and energy to write new stuff… but my #pathofatrillionaire still needs and should be filled with retrospective pieces too… great way to show how I’ve always been ‘the same’ despite my growth and changes…

Plus this is very fitting for today.

But tomorrow I may def have to do something super original and make the whole blog a metaphor for the amazing greatness of ISSTH heheh…

*nerd squeal*…