Notes from FNC vs H2K Game 1 Quarterfinals

Before you read this, don’t take the formatting too seriously. These are mostly copied notes from onenote by me and I just felt like sharing. Really only encompass early game.

Pathing Starts

Jankos skips his red when starting wraiths, this basically is him saying he won’t be getting punished due to his top/mid matchups. It also means he will be taking red when he isn’t low so he can actually look to dual and gank with his primary buff. Xmithie did this same path when on Gragas against IMT where he presumed Dardoch would just hard farm and not look for such an invade.

One adaptation to make for Jankos’s pathing is to have Febiven ward H2K’s wraith entrance once his 2nd trinket charge comes up. The most optimal area would be the baron brush, but that depends on Febiven’s comfort on walking farther into river where Elise can be. The nice thing about the timing is Febiven’s wave wasn’t crashing yet so he definitely had the opportunity to get a ward down. Now doing this ward exposes Febiven to Broxah if he hugs the wall. However, Jankos chose a path that has risks so if they want to make sure the red is safe then this ward is required. For this particular case Broxah would have been spotted.

For an example on how mid should ward for this path, Huhi shows the best warding spot in this game. (game is hyperlinked)

Broxah on the other hand does a rather simple pathing that looks for early pressure while leaving a camp option on each side for after he bases. The Krugs invade is a bit earlier to when Rengar would be heading for his krugs. The other reasoning can be viewed as Jankos possibly doing FNC’s krugs thanks to his bot priority.

The first gank done by Broxah is on Odoamne. At 2:40 Odo has bounced the wave successfully and should begin trying to maintain the wave in the neutral area. Jankos should be communicating that his path is leading to a base for red plus a buy. Odo must be still wary of a gank while also not completely giving top priority due to the red still being up. The end result though is Odo just trying to hard push, but can’t push fast enough to crash the wave resulting in him being extended out. He may die to a gank still if the wave is in the neutral area, but he would at least have a chance to get out.

Following the 1st Gank

I will say right now, Jankos pinking baron brush is not needed. Nautilus dying puts him down a doran and won’t be grabbing early pressure like he normally can against Gragas. The strength of H2K’s draft remember lies in their mid and bot. This should be a saved pink for bot river.

Looking at mid you will notice Caps shoving mid in and makes Febiven believe Caps is basing so Febiven matches base, but really Caps is just placing a ward down. This forces a small loss of minions mid along with forfeiting bot scuttle to Broxah. It pigeon holes Jankos’s options more again where he must keep farming and hope for the best in his laners. The only reason he turns around to revisit bot after basing is due to the trades bot. They must have felt worried about the wave pressing in and FNC diving, but if you look at the rest of the map Febiven is fine mid and top lane is kept in a neutral state. There shouldn’t really be much worry of a dive. I would say let the wave pull in which it can in this instance by H2K’s duo lane and let Jankos get 6 from top camps. Secure pressure in mid, use your pinks to pressure sides with Syndra disappearing and Rengar being 6, and start limiting Elises’s options.

Instead we have H2K pushing out the lane and having Jankos hover behind in case of a counter gank. FNC could easily place a ward in the side brush, which cannot be cleared. Jankos would be wasting his time now due to already clearing his bot camps. It doesn’t seem like a good decision by H2K’s bot lane. The end result isn’t too surprising.

Aftermath of the 2 for 2

Febiven had to give mid pressure due to Jankos’s death which results in yet another good reset for Caps. Odo had to blow flash top due to an all in and FNC make that quick heads up play to attack bot. That is all it took for FNC to act on a bot dive. This play is what wins FNC the game. By freeing up Twitch so early he is able to give off pressure through his camo. This destroys the whole point of taking Syndra. Without that constant pressure in mid for H2K their comp can’t survive. Rengar can’t do his tag team invades through the mid area and utilizing the advantage of all the brushes in the area.

After FNC Taking BT1

First, the obvious being FNC’s duo shoving bot wave in to reset it. Second, Jankos random wraith invade at 8:29 resulting in him burning flash. A random mistake on trying to contest a camp when your mid is basing along with FNC’s duo capability to collapse. Thanks to Jankos getting chunked Nuclear cannot hard push bot in so Soaz misses nothing bot.

Third, I want to put a focus on FNC’s discipline on not pressing for top tier 1 right away. They are down both teleports. They understand that once their TP’s are back up a 2nd play is simple to recreate while keeping Syndra in check mid. You will notice H2K are quick to place several pinks to look for a TP advantage play. However, the play is just not going to happen due to FNC playing too safe and not having adequate deep vision. H2K then make the next adequate decision which is securing top river to help project Syndra while not having to hard press for tower. Broxah makes the mistake to contest Jankos at 10:50. It even gets Soaz’s TP out so now you are back to TP advantage for top laners again.

FNC Swap bot side, the reason you see FNC swapping their duo lane to bot side again is to take them out of the H2K vision dominated area. Knowing Jankos and Chei put their warding effort topside it leaves bot side more open. Twitch and Camille move fast so they can possibly look for a pick if Odo presses for one more wave while also getting free deep vision. A simple way to escape the H2K TP advantage and yet many western teams would most likely not go for this.

Now you have H2K focusing on clearing the bot vision since they opted to match versus sticking to a TP pressure play. It wastes H2K’s time while also eliminating some of their vision top side. FNC’s duo takes their time rotating back topside. Even fake rotating to go back mid. All these different feints mess with H2K’s duo lane. They go straight top side. That is the big error by Chei. He wants to be there so bad that he forgets he only has one ward charge left. Jankos has none. They spent most of their wards reclaiming their bot jungle. H2K are left with bare vision in top river. Soaz pinks the top river brush and poof, all of H2K’s top river vision is gone.

I will acknowledge that it is hard for H2K to get vision in the lower part of top river due to the unknown locations of Caps/Rekkles. However, in this case Febiven needs to use his trinket top in upper mid brush but in the mid lane. All it does is show where the mid laner is moving. Yes, they can do a phantom roam, but it’s better than nothing.

End result is H2K overextending with bare vision and Febiven again having a later reset which opens a roam window for Caps. I don’t know if Broxah is using himself as a baiting tool to draw H2K’s attention away from Caps missing, but H2K get caught.

After Top tier 1 take by FNC

H2K once again get priority top off of FNC’s duo lane reset. They get top river control and some deep wards. That is their primary area to play to. Anywhere else would be FNC’s choice.

The cloud drake is mainly off bot tier 1 being dead and Odoamne not being able to pressure a lane he doesn’t have vision in. During this whole time Jankos is clearing bot to top. FNC are unsure what Rengar is doing while also not having the same level of control on top side as they do bot. They make a audible call to not have Rekkles defend top tower and at worst sacrifice farm. If H2K’s duo presses for top tower then FNC have the option to collapse, even using Gragas TP to delay a base.

I will say that is a option where H2K look for picks if FNC try to rotate on over, but FNC’s champions are on bigger spikes than H2K’s members making the play less appetizing.

At this point H2K are pretty doomed. They have ways to come back, but FNC dance around sides so much while having high mobility. It is a difficult composition to play against when behind. This is where I will end my notes.