Some Notes from KT vs MVP Game 1

Initial Draft Thoughts

Just early game focus again and a brief run down on draft.

MVP did a bit of weird turn of bans compared to the usual bans we see. MVP went straight for the bot lane and tried to get something that will have priority over KT. There are really only two core ADC’s teams would look at when Lucian and Ezreal are banned. These two would be Ashe and Varus. MVP chose Ashe over Varus. KT’s choices were Camille to help open up Rumble, Syndra as Ian’s #1 pick, and Zyra as a denial pick to the expected Ashe first pick. Mata most likely doesn’t want to face it and they seemed pose to take Malzahar already.

KT in their 1–2 take Malzahar when Lulu is up. I presume it’s most likely for a Leblanc while Rumble doesn’t have to face Camille thanks to KT’s ban so they take the power pick. The Nautilus pick is fine for MVP if they feel that is the absolute best pick for Rumble (Shen is up, though would lose more pressure topside and lets MVP play around something they are used to). The Elise is a bit strange if the goal is to take a AP mid. Triple AP top side with just an Ashe can spawn multiple hex drinkers. The Graves would be perfect mainly because he has so much follow up in each lane (CC) while also adding mixed damage.

Varus 3 pick for KT is expected.

The Main thing to note about the secondary bans is KT preferring to get rid of the best blind mid (both in the game and Ian’s) and then Zilean over Lulu for supports. Zilean is a better defensive support, but MVP would then have two lanes that aren’t as aggro. If KT wanted to start building towards a siege composition then Zilean doesn’t do too well against that making him more preferable to face. However, in lane he creates an annoyance towards kill lanes. So perhaps they just want to ensure a kill lane bot and give MVP something a bit stronger towards their composition later on. As for the Leblanc pick MVP could have done Ahri as well, but I guess they wanted to spit the map more with a Leblanc while having something with more absolute early pressure.

Game Thoughts

2:40, Beyond is ganking mid. Nautilus showed less mana while Leblanc showed none used. Elise can solo wraiths and also rotate over to top side to kill 2 camps, but it would be later than 2:43 if he was ganking mid from upper mid brush. This then should be a telling sign that Beyond started blue and full cleared. His secondary set of camps come back up around 4:30–4:40ish.

The reason I bring this up is Smeb should have this information in his head thanks to Score telling him and realize that he has already bounced the wave top side. There is no need to press for another wave at 4:19. Reset, grab a pink, Score will path towards bot side which bounced off KT’s bot tower so it may drag out towards MVP. Score should make sure he doesn’t TP back to lane though. Mainly because if Beyond hasn’t shown on gromp ward then there is a chance he is waiting to pounce on a lane TP. Beyond already showed he is willing to take a less optimal path to have more early presence.

As an alternative, Score could shadow behind Smeb after krugs if Smeb really wants to press for one more wave. I am pretty sure he is around 900–1000 gold currently so he might be opting for another wave so he can get Guise. If that is true then Score should opt to hover to ensure Smeb is safe and gets a great 1st buy.

KT Playing Too Hard

KT was too aggro to protect Score’s pink and hunt for a kill on flashless Elise. Score is still not level 6 nor is his bot lane. Beyond already having no flash and realizing after the play that there must be deep vision in his bot jungle means he probably will play a bit safer along with MVP. KT can take the bot lane reset, get sight stone and more pinks, and start building vision around a package play bot side. If bot lane gets priority then they may look for something mid. Smeb can keep placing deep vision on top side. If MVP press for a dive he has rumble ultimate.

Looking Past the Gank Top by Score

For one, KT’s duo bounced the wave bot so it will pull out and build. It’s an obvious chance for MVP to utilize that to invade for blue. KT still go for that gank which costs them far more since they lose their bot river vision, helps regain some CS for MaHa, lights up bot KT’s bot jungle, and they get a dragon off of this. The downfall for MVP is ADD now doesn’t have flash so he becomes more susceptible to a repeat.

Mainly what I would look at here is aiming to take bot off top dying which MVP does and they saw Lee Sin moving towards top side to have more confidence that a repeat was going to happen. However, the main issue is they use TP in this trade. By using TP they can’t use their increased tempo as effectively to do another quick tower trade. If KT’s duo matches there is always the risk of a TP by Smeb. It basically reduces MVP’s ability to execute particular plays while opening up more chances for KT.

Past Tower Trades

Prior to the tower trades

There are two things that I note here. One is Max using his wards prior to getting mid priority. They know someone has to receive top, most likely Smeb. Bot lane is being pushed by Deft. MVP will push in mid, they have the collapse play from ADD, and should have wards saved up to place deep vision. Then when ADD’s TP is back up you revisit this area. Beyond has two ward charges so he technically can use them up here, but having some saved by Max too would have additional benefits to creating a higher % play in that area.

The second thing I want to note is KT’s decision making in this scenario. Smeb will be pushed in and it gives ADD a chance to move. KT could try to defend mid by rotating their duo/jungle mid. If they try a direct hold then Ian collects bot and shoves it out causing someone on KT to take care of that lane later. KT’s duo also would have to stop from pushing in the last wave. This last wave is a cannon wave. That wave will hold longer so the creep denial will be less. There is also a chance Ian doesn’t base and builds a big wave with cannon minions. By opting to clear that one wave KT are already making a clear decision to trade mid for bot. If someone shows bot they can kill them. All Pawn needs to do is not die mid to further bleeding.

Also, due to KT not showing mid Ian cannot contest or try to collect the bot wave when Deft is on the bot tower. The end result is MVP makinga call to rotate ADD top side and Ian towards mid, but this is incorrect to me. They must get rid of mid tier 1 ASAP so they don’t have to reset too late, but MVP also shouldn’t be giving up more than three waves of farm bottom side. You can see the affect it has on Ian and ADD’s CS score line. No, instead Max and ADD should be helping take mid now while Pawn is dead and Deft is shoving bot all the way in. If they want they can even pressure another dive again while Beyond zones Smeb out. Once the tower falls Max can place deep vision with Beyond while Ian goes bot and ADD top to collect farm. Ian will have a head start on his shove to give pressure to bot lane while Pawn picks up his second package thus freeing Ian up to move mid or look for a solo stack.

As a follow up to the vision MVP actually place in this situation, putting two deep pinks is very pointless. Your reset is already late so KT will be quick to sweep out your pinks. The original ward placements were greens in the river with pinks ahead of them later on is a fundamental mistake. KT make short work of it.

Thinking About an Alternative Play

I wrote my thoughts down on a possible alternative play to MVP’s tower trade. I figured it’s worth sharing some of my thought process on how it can be beneficial and also not so beneficial. This play would be where MVP shove mid in and look to collapse on bot to pressure KT off. First, MVP know Deft is in lane and Score is doing gromp. The lane assignment choices here will be very important.

The most optimal assignment would be sending Ian top side to reduce the wave size while also having TP to match Smeb. Corki has no mana. His package timing is still 20–30 sec off. KT cannot attack bot even with Rumble TP without the worry of a 5v4 due to Pawn’s absence (low mana). I should note that MaHa should step up farther in mid lane when the wave is coming at 13:02 to prevent Pawn from starting to trim the minions. There isn’t any kill threat by Pawn thanks to Pawn only having a hex drinker while MaHa has BORK. ADD then can cross through mid undetected and they continue on their way towards bot lane. The benefits of this play is preventing a tower trade, possibly getting a kill if KT overstays, and collecting most of the bot farm. However, the play doesn’t end there.

MVP must be wary on how they push bot wave out and what allies are with them. While mid will reset to crashing in the neutral area Pawn most likely will have based to grab package. KT’s duo and Score can sit in a side brush to look for a pick when MVP push the wave out. Leblanc TP will not be fast enough to react here. So one solution to this is having someone collect bot side while placing deep vision in KT’s bot jungle. They already have a pink and a ward laid out in the entrances to give some security. If KT aren’t showing here then they may be stacking or based.

Going further into this thought process MVP recover a lot of farm for ADD which is good. However, due to Pawn’s package coming back up and ADD’s TP still on cooldown it will resolve into a worse situation for MVP where they don’t even get a tower trade most likely. Even if MVP get bot shoved out KT will grow a big wave once again, except this time they have package with a TP advantage. Package can be used to clear mid to get tempo advantage or if MVP do a late reset then Pawn gets a free roam. I think the best case scenario coming out of this for MVP is KT backing off from fake pressure and sending their duo back to mid off of Pawn’s reset. It gives a chance for ADD to recover farm bot while still contesting a tower. Again, this may not pan out for them. I think if Pawn wasn’t going to have package up at this time that this rotating play is more doable, but trying to think of other ways to play out the map while not sacrificing something can lead to some really beneficial plays.