Career Encouragement

Do what you love…

We all have that point in our life where we’re unable to decide what we want to do for a living. As a kid we either dreamed of doing something fairytale like or being a teacher. It’s only when we got a little more knowledge we settled with something that corresponded with our favourite hobby or subject.

In my unimportant opinion, I feel as if the hobbies and likes of kids aren’t greatly supported. Everyone is supportive if you aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer, and don’t get me wrong, that’s great, but whenever someone wants to be an actor, a singer, a writer, an artist, those thoughts are deemed as unrealistic. They fail to see that it is the work of these types of people who bring them joy daily. Without actors/actresses there would be no television shows or movies that excites us. Without singers they would not be able to enjoy today’s music. Without writers what would we read? Will we buy a book with no words? Without artists there would be no colour in this world.

Society encourages you to be yourself but as soon as you do they criticize you and try to bring you down. My advice to those of you who desire to perdue careers like these or any career actually, don’t let people tell you what you should become in life. They can’t decide what will make you happy, only you have that choice.

So ignore those who dishearten you and then claim they aren’t. If you know you are meant to do what you love, do it.