15 in ’15 — Round 3

Protecting the use of service animals

This year, Governor Snyder and Lt. Governor Calley protected the use of service animals for all Michiganders by passing laws to ensure broad access.

The use of service animals is increasingly giving veterans and Michiganders with disabilities better opportunities to live self-determined, independent lives — Lt. Gov. Calley

Promoting exercise and wellness

PROMOTED the importance of exercise and wellness through races and marathons, including the 2nd annual State Employee 5K.

During 2015, Lt. Governor Calley was an active promoter of wellness. He brought back the second annual state-employee 5K…

…and was even featured in Runner’s World.

He also was named Public Official of the Year by the Michigan Fitness Foundation.

Challenging the stigma of mental health

The stigma of mental illness prevents many from getting treatment. This year, Lt. Governor Calley helped challenge that stigma by advocating for physical and mental illness to be treated equally.

Diverting people into treatment and independent lives

This year, Lt. Governor Calley worked to divert people with behavioral health issues away from our criminal justice system and into treatment programs to live self-determined, independent lives.

This year, major progress was made to reduce addiction by addressing the root cause of the problem and ensuring treatment options are available.

As chair of the Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force, Lt. Governor Calley helped develop a comprehensive plan for Michigan.

The Task Force got to work quickly. They held public hearings…

…and talking with the people on the front lines.

The strategy was completed, and presented to the public on October 26. You can download it here.

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