Moving Flint Forward

It’s been 135 days since Governor Snyder declared a water emergency in Flint. Here are three key improvements that have occurred since then.

1. Water quality.

Water quality has been steadily improving in the city, but residents still should use a filter.

Outside experts have determined that filtered water in Flint is safe to drink. President Obama reiterated this message in his recent visit.

“If you’re using a filter … then Flint water at this point is drinkable,” — President Obama

Recently, #FlushForFlint has been launched to speed up the recovery process.

Residents are urged to flush their homes’ pipes every day for at least two weeks in May to ensure phosphates coat the water pipes completely and help keep lead out of the water.

2. Additional access to healthcare services.

Flint children and adults up to age 21 and pregnant women who were served by Flint’s water system within the past two years should be eligible for Medicaid health coverage.

3. State, local and federal government on the ground, working together

Government at all levels are working together in Flint. Lt. Governor Calley has been on the ground three days a week since January, working with both city and federal partners to a wide variety of recovery efforts including going door-to-door with plumbers to find lead lines in Flint homes.

We have come a long way in Flint, but there’s more to work to do. Visit to find opportunities to help.

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