A portrait of a great Detroiter — Judge Rosen

Today Lt. Governor Calley visited the Detroit Federal Courthouse to celebrate the career of retired Chief U.S. District Judge Gerald E. Rosen, commemorated by a new portrait.

For 25 years, Judge Rosen presided over a variety of cases on the federal bench. But at the end of his career may be what he is remembered for. A Detroiter himself, Judge Rosen was instrumental in guiding the City of Detroit through the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

“ We were pretty beaten down. People were writing [Detroit’s] obituary … and now there is much more optimism and hope and enthusiasm,” — Judge Gerald E. Rosen

With the fresh start for Detroit has come new investment and new families. Even more investment in infrastructure items like streetlights.

Thanks to leaders like Judge Rosen, the future is bright in Detroit once again.