Adding value to Michigan’s workforce using Michigan’s Hidden Talent

Michiganders with all abilities deserve to live independent, self-determined lives. That’s why LG Calley and Justice Bernstein have teamed up to strengthen Michigan’s workforce by hiring Michiganders with disabilities.

The duo has been traveling the state over the past year for the MI Hidden Talent tour, raising awareness of the value that people with disabilities can add to the workplace. This week, they hosted the MI Hidden Talent workshop in Flint, bringing together business leaders and HR professionals from all across the state to gain the how-to skills for implementing these strategies.

The event included more than 275 individuals from more than 100 organizations, who heard strategies from employers already hiring individuals with disabilities, learned about available resources and strategies for accommodations and inclusion in the workplace.

The need for inclusion starts with students and youth with disabilities transitioning from school to employment to ensure they are afforded the same opportunities as their peers without disabilities.

To create this state of equal opportunity, Michigan took the next step by signing a memorandum of understanding at the workshop with state departments, agencies and organizations to work together to foster professional growth and job opportunities for those with disabilities.

Through strong interagency collaboration, the memorandum seeks to help students with disabilities exit school with competitive integrated employment or a connection to post-secondary education intended to lead to employment.

The memorandum builds upon Governor Snyder’s executive directive calling for new policies and procedures across agencies and departments that eliminate hurdles faced by people with disabilities as they seek careers in public service.

The workshop was very successful and LG Calley and Justice Bernstein hope businesses take the next step and begin hiring Michiganders with disabilities. To learn more about the workshop and this effort visit


Michigan businesses looking for assistance in hiring Michiganders with disabilities can contact their local Michigan Rehabilitation Services representative or visit

Individuals with disabilities wanting assistance finding work can contact MRS at 800–605–6722.

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