Advocacy for Treatment Courts in Michigan

LG Calley and Judge Linda Davis who presented him with the President’s Award for his advocacy.

This morning at Suburban Showplace in Novi, the Lt. Governor received an award from the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals for his advocacy and efforts in the area of combating the addiction epidemic in Michigan.

The Lt. Governor was named the Chair of the Prescription Drug and Opioid Task Force by Governor Snyder in 2015. The group presented a report to the Governor on how Michigan can be a leader in reducing and eliminating the devastating disease of addiction in the years to come.

LG Calley has committed a bulk of his time and work in this area for many reasons. One being he believes that there are no throw away people. As long as people want help and recognize the need for it — we should focus on how we can help them get to a place of recovery and success.

Treatment courts are a vital part of the process. People who have addiction issues do not belong in our prison system, LG Calley says addiction is a healthcare issue, not a criminal justice issue and it should be treated that way accordingly. The Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals have been a part to making the case and implementing systems to show how we can set people on a path of prosperity.

LG Calley said that treating the addiction issue with problem-solving courts gives people a lifeline by creating a system of supports. These successful efforts are successful because of community support and LG Calley commended the group for gathering to share best practices. He thanked everyone for being part of the solution and being willing to change to help Michiganders achieve a better life.

To view the Prescription Drug and Opioid Report please click here:,4668,7-277-73341-362223--,00.html

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