Celebrating musical talents of those on the spectrum

A more inclusive world is a world that works better for everyone. People with autism often have talents that are overlooked. Michigan State is not overlooking the musical talents that many people on the spectrum often posses.

MSU just completed a first-of-its kind summer piano festival, run by its School of Music that celebrates talented individuals on the spectrum.

The Celebrating the Spectrum Festival gives advanced music students on the spectrum the chance to preview life as a collegiate musician. The 2016 festival included five pre-college students in a week in the life of a music major in a college setting.

Each student was paired with a College of Music student mentor while the MSU Office of Disability Services assists the family with any accommodations that may be needed.

LG Calley was honored to attend a concert that ended the festival featuring the students, mentors and faculty, showcasing their talents to the public, and recognize the students for their talent and MSU for working to create a world that works for everyone.

To learn more about the program visit www.music.msu.edu/spectrum.