Connecting Michiganders with in-demand careers

As Michigan’s economy continues to grow, we’re faced with a critical talent shortage in several professional trades areas — areas like the construction industry. Nearly 500,000 private sector jobs have been created over the last six years, and there are still thousands of construction jobs available.

That’s why LG Calley partnered in 2016 with the Skilled to Build Foundation to raise awareness about well-paying skilled career opportunities in Michigan’s homebuilding industry.

On Wednesday, LG Calley was the keynote speaker at the Great Lakes Builders Show, where he spoke about the importance of workforce development and providing training for the skilled jobs of the future.

With careers in construction paying between $29 and $38 per hour, Michiganders have real opportunities for high wages without the time commitment and debt that often comes with a four year degree.

Raising awareness of the opportunities available is a focus in Gov. Snyder’s 2018 budget proposal. This year’s recommendations included an investment of $40.9 million in the Going Pro program, to help ensure we’re providing Michiganders with the needed skills for in-demand jobs. This investment would also help Michigan high schools gain access to updated training equipment, allowing students to develop in-demand skills even sooner.

The Great Lakes Builders Show provides Michiganders the opportunity to see the latest in residential construction products, technology and services, and to hear speakers with expertise in the construction industry.

This year’s show also included a job fair, where individuals interested in working in the homebuilding industry can talk directly with potential employers.

Every Michigander should be able to seek out a well-paying career. To learn more about careers within the homebuilding industry visit or visit for other job postings.

To learn more about opportunities in the homebuilding industry, check out LG Calley’s video from this summer below.

*Written by Jenna Tidey, communications intern