Empowering students through innovation

Technology plays a role in nearly every part of our lives, but it’s often hard to see how it can apply to a career. Google has teamed up with the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office to solve this problem in Michigan, bringing technology opportunities to students, right from their homes or classrooms through the ‘Computer Science First’ program.

Today LG Calley participated in the second annual Computer Science First event at Michigan State’s Breslin Center, where middle school students from across the state gained hands-on-experience with innovative technologies they can learn to use that can lead to a career.

Nearly 5,000 students in Michigan have already used the CS First online curriculum, which provides online demonstrations, and hands- on experience with robotics, drones, and other tech devices that help students learn the range of application for a computer science education.

Designed for students 9–14 (grades 4th-8th) to inspire kids to create with technology through free computer science clubs, CS First offers an affordable, highly accessible path to help increase proficiency in a discipline where mastery is a highly marketable skill to current and future job prospects.

LG Calley said: “It’s never too early to start thinking about the future, especially since demand for careers in computer-science related fields continues to grow. The future is bright for students gaining these computer science skills and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.”

For more information about CS First, visit www.cs-first.com.