Future leaders are standing behind the counter at your local bank

If you’ve ever had a loan for a car, house or a business, you know the difference your local bank can make. Very often, they help turn a dream into a reality.

Our community banks, and the professionals that work inside them, are critical to Michigan’s future. That’s why the Michigan Bankers Association hosted Emerging Leaders Day at the Capitol, providing for an exchange of ideas and a deeper understanding of our legislative process.

Before he was elected to the Michigan House in 2006, he was a community banker specializing in making loans to small businesses. It was there he learned firsthand the time, effort and risk it takes to make a small businesses thrive. Seeing the everyday challenges on Main Street is what prodded him to public service.

At today’s event, LG Calley encouraged the group to step outside of their comfort zone and do everything you can to make yourself stand out. He shared his stories of doing nearly every job in the bank and the importance of making an extra effort to expand your network and get to know people other than those you typically interact with.

LG Calley challenged everyone in the room to get involved and speak up because those who do so can really make a difference in their community.