Improving autism care together

Today LG Calley participated in the 2nd Annual MSU Autism Family-Professional Conference hosted by the Michigan State College of Human Medicine. The conference aimed to create bridges between families, caregivers and researchers to improve autism care.

LG Calley shared his personal journey of autism advocacy that stepped from finding out his daughter Reagan had autism after hearing testimony on the topic during a committee hearing while serving as a state representative. LG became an autism advocate when he realized how difficult it was to figure out the system and get help for his daughter.

He’s hoping by working to continue expanding availability of behavioral therapies while working against the misconceptions about autism — Reagan and other kids and adults around the world can truly end up living self-determined independent lives where nothing can hold them back.

The event also featured Congressman Mike Lake from Canada, who shared his story about his son Jaden who has autism and how his son has extraordinary abilities that people often overlook.

The Lt. Governor also participated in a panel discussion with autism advocates and special education leaders discussing options and opportunities to help children with autism.

LG Calley said that although progress has been made, we will know the work is complete when no one is surprised when a person with autism has a great achievement- it’s just viewed as normal.

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