JUST IN: Legislature acts to promote dignity in special education

Bills banning non-emergency restraint and seclusion clears the Legislature with strong bipartisan support, heads to Governor’s desk.

The only citizens who have no legal protections against non-emergency restraint and seclusion are our kids while they are at school. This fact has resulted in students being locked in what amounts to closets and sensory deprivation rooms for hours on end, sometimes having to defecate and urinate on the floor or on themselves.

The use of restraint and seclusion practices in non-emergency situations is robbing students, especially those with disabilities, of their safety, dignity and opportunity to learn.

Lt. Governor Calley has worked relentlessly over the past year and through the lame-duck session to ensure these much needed reforms are approved.

Today the Senate passed the legislation with wide-bipartisan support. LG Calley issued the following statement:

“Today’s vote is a victory for our children, who all deserve the same access to learning, without fear of being locked up or tied down for behavioral issues. Putting an end to non-emergency restraint and seclusion practices will make schools safer for students and teachers. Using positive behavioral interventions and supports, instead of archaic and barbaric practices, will help all students grow and thrive. I applaud the Senate and House for approving this safeguard for our kids.”
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