New Growth in Lenawee County

At Deerfield’s Meridian Mechatronics, Michigan’s best and the brightest have distinguished the company as a leader in lens manufacturing. Their products are used in ground-based telescopes used by consumers, schools, research institutes, aerospace companies and the military.

Lt. Governor Calley believes getting young people into STEM based careers is critical to seeing companies like this thrive across Michigan. PlaneWave, the parent company of Meridian Mechatronics, understands this fully. Their telescopes are being placed in classrooms across the nation to stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects.

A few miles away in Tecumseh, Lt. Governor Calley joined local leaders in visiting a vacant plot of land that will revitalize the city. With support from the new MIThrive legislation, the 54-acre Revival Commons Redevelopment Project provides for the demolition of blighted and obsolete buildings, rehabilitation of approximately 160,000 square feet of the existing industrial building, and construction of a contemporary industrial, business, and retail complex with on‐site parking. The site was formerly home to there Tecumseh Products Company, where 4,000 employees once made refrigeration products for companies around the world.

Lt. Governor Calley and area leaders tour the former Tecumseh Products Company site, which will be transformed because of the new MI Thive legislation signed by Governor Snyder.

When complete, Revival Commons will provide thousands of square feet for professional offices, industrial/warehousing, and commercial retail space — all interconnected by sidewalks, bike paths and ample green space.

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