Project SEARCH: Creating new work opportunities within state government

LG Calley kicked off the week with a celebration of opportunity for Michigan students with disabilities. The State of Michigan today celebrated the launch of the Project SEARCH internship program. This program gives students with disabilities career experience and skills in various areas working within the State of Michigan.

“Every Michigander deserves a chance to gain employment skills that will help them live self-determined independent lives,” Lt. Governor Calley said.

Project SEARCH allows high school students with disabilities the opportunity to gain and maintain employment through businesses and organizations across the nation. This program is a workforce alternative for students helping ensure post-graduation employment.

During its first year, the state’s program is connecting seven students within the Ingham Intermediate School District with training opportunities within 15 state department divisions and agencies in Lansing.

The State of Michigan is one of 17 host sites offering Project SEARCH programs throughout Michigan. Last year, Michigan State University became a Project SEARCH site and now all of its first-year interns are successfully employed by the university.

The program is funded in part by Michigan Rehabilitation Services and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

LG stressed: “This is not being done with a motive of charity. It is because these young adults have so much to offer and just need a chance to find a career like the rest of us.”

Learn more about Project SEARCH here:

**Written by Kelly Coffee-Tavi, LG Calley intern**