Promoting Michigan in the U.K. & Ireland

LG Calley is leaving Saturday for a trade mission to the United Kingdom and Ireland, focused on strengthening trade relationships and attracting job creating investments to Michigan. This is the first time the Snyder administration has visited these two countries.

This trip will concentrate on aerospace and automotive industries. The mission will be led by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, with local economic development agencies coming to make their case as well.

“We have a great opportunity during our first visit to these two countries to tell the Michigan story and help create trade and business prospects for Michigan companies. We will proudly deliver the message that Michigan is the best place to invest in company growth and create jobs due to our business climate and outstanding talent.”

Nine Michigan companies seeking to sell their products and services in the U.K. and Irish markets will be a part of the mission as well. They are will be participate in meetings with prospective customers, distributors and strategic partners. They come from all around Michigan and all different industries from innovative greenhouse equipment to business analytics and hydraulic piston pumps to supply chain solutions.

The United Kingdom is Michigan’s 10th largest export market, while Ireland is 33rd. Some major exports to both the U.K. and Ireland include chemicals, machinery and metal manufacturing.

LG Calley hopes to expand Michigan’s footprint even further across the globe, telling Michigan’s comeback story to show that Michigan is the place to invest in.

This is his sixth trade mission since taking office in 2011. Other missions include India, Chile/Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and the Netherlands.

Follow along on with the trip social media at #InvestInMI.

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